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In these times, evolutions in communication technology and transportation have provided humanity with huge freedom to live and work anywhere. This essay will discuss whether the advantages of it outweigh the disadvantage
There has been a growing belief that the advancement of communication technologies and transportation possibly can make people work and live anywhere in the world. Despite some negative aspects like lack of sense of belo
In recent years, most of people have no consideration to stay anywhere since technology and transportation have been grown in advance. Beside of its benefit, I strongly believe it will cause more drawbacks than goods.
Getting around the world and accessibility to work in any place is groundbreaking progress. Although the technology-driven development of communication technology and vehicles increases job opportunities and lets economi
In the epoch of rapid development of transport systems and social technology, it is constructive for numerous individuals to embrace a more free lifestyle. This essay examines the merits and demerits of the social phenom
Today, the evolution of communication technology and transportation can cause individuals to have the privilege of working and living in any location in the world. In my opinion, there are two drawbacks which outweigh t
The public nowadays has the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the world, Because of better transportation and communication technology. This brings many advantages such as, they can earn more and can change their
In contemporary ,society every person, who desires to get good labour or live overseas does not have a problem, for the reason that is that advancements in technology and developing transportation make it possible. In
Scince has made our life easier and the world smaller by Inventing and devloping many things everyday. By the blessing of communication and technology people are now got the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world
They say that technology will never stop advancing. Nowadays, individual have the freewill to start over and migrate to other countries for a career given the improvement communication and modes of trasnsportation. Remot
Nowadays, enhancement in technology and transportation enables people to have a job and live in any part of the world. Despite the fact that it has some pleasant outcomes, it can also cause serious issues. This essay wil
The covid-19 pandemic impacted almost everyone in the world mostly on the sad part. However, with the advancement of communication automation & transportation, people are able to work from anywhere & support their famil
It is quite common these days that people can work and stay everywhere around the world thanks to the evolution of Information, Technology and Transportation. It is my belief that the positive effects of this innovation
As of today, a heated debate has erupted about the choice of any location worldwide to live and work because of advances in communication technology and transport. It has been argued that such change has enormously enric
It is true that individuals nowadays have more opportunities to travel across the world than it was before mainly due to the technological development in many fields, in this essay I will discuss the perceived benefits a
Modernisation of technology has impacted the human race, both in positive and negative ways. Specifically, if we consider the corporate world, the development of transportation and communication technology has more advan
Nowadays individuals have an opportunity working at home wherever they are because of modern technology. This essay will demonstrate disadvantages and advantages of remote work. In my opinion this question has more adva
It is difficult to imagine the modern world without the development of communication technologies, which allow people to work remotely and reside in any country. This essay will demonstrate how distance work can save em
These days people have the world within their reach, given it is possible to work remotely without having to attend a strict schedule from 9 to 6. Workers can quit the daily grind for a life of travel. This has been poss
Nowadays, Technology is developed day by day and all human being have freedom to work and live everywhere they want all around the world and transport system is develop. There are various king of advantages and disadvan
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