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Many people who are considered to be a failure in school end up to be successful in their lives. In my opinion, having good communication skills and Following one's passion, which is the most important ingredient for success, could be the possible reason
Life is full of surprising packages. However, many people succeed in life, though they have failed in academics. This essay discusses the reasons and criteria for this phenomenon.
There is no doubt that the meaning of success is different for different people. Some believe that doing what you love is success, while others measure it with the money you earn. However, the life is much more complex to define success.
These days academic proficiency, considered by the many, acts as an effective tool to attain success of a person. However, there is little doubt that existence of the real heroes in many industries with low level education has already proved the fact that
There are numerous stories about people who didn’t do well or even dropped school, however, they cultivated success in their work area. This could be due to many reasons for instance a plethora of students don’t like studying, and would prefer doing pract
Some people encounter failure in school, however, they end up getting success in life. This essay will discuss the plausible causes of this phenomenon in the ensuing paragraphs and will also shed light on some factors contributing being successful in the
Success in life do not merely depends on schooling. There are individuals who fail in their schools, but become successful later in life. There is a reason for this phenomenon and also there are certain other factors which accounts for success in life.
To introduce, in current day scenario, it is observed that a lot of people fail in the institute, but moreover succeed outside the academy. In the below paragraph we will discuss, why some school goes fail in their studies, and what makes them achievers i
Some people don't do well during their studies; however, lead a happy and satisfying life. I believe success can not be measured with grades, thus hard work plays an integral part to achieve success in life.
Some people don't perform well during their studies, yet leads a happy and satisfying life. I believe success can not be measured with grades, thus hard work plays an integral part to achieve accomplishment in life.
Many students fail in exams during their school days but they become successful in their career and other aspects of life. The fundamental cause of this situation is their lack of interest in some subjects. However, achieving academic goal is not the only
Some students did not get good results when they were at school, but in the end, they still become outstanding people admired by the vast majority. This essay is likely to discuss the two main problems surrounding the said phenomenon, which are causes for
Success is all about achieving the goal with a passion. Also, success is not a destination, it is a journey. Few people failed in their education, but not in their lives. It shows that they are inclined towards their goal, but not towards the education. I
Few people do not succeed in education, but end up being bloomed in life. One of the main reasons is that they have a creative mind, lack of attention in the studies failing in school. One of the most important things to achieve in life is Peace.
People achieve highs in their life despite the fact they are not excellent in academics. Although some people breakthrough in both school and read life but it has been noticed that majority of them who failed in thier study they set new milestones in thei
People achieve highs in their growth despite the fact they are not excellent in academics. Although some people breakthrough in both school and real life, but it has been noticed that the majority of them who failed in their study they set new milestones
In recent years, it is suggested that someones have become living a successful life, even though they had gotten poor marks in public schools. Personally, I feel that they had been might not give up and tried to pioneer their lives, without concerns about
Media these days is highlighting the stories of successful individuals from ordinary backgrounds who were not great performers in their school days. Moreover, many are school dropouts as well. This essay will delve deeper into the possible causes of this
Do we really need big degrees for successful in life ? . Many people unsuccessful in school but later on end up being successful in life.This essay tells you about why a person is successful in life and happiness/satisfaction is most important in to suc
It is often said that some people achieve success in life despite failing as students. I think that academic knowledge is very useful to accomplish great goal. However, there are other factors that can lead to success, such as entrepreneurship, hardworkin
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