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One of the highly controversial issues today relates to whether there should be more options of practising sports for the community or there should be other measures to increase the quality of public health. In this essay, I am going to examine this question from both points of view and then give my own opinion on the matter.
Nowadays, sports facilities are essential for people to enhance people’s health. Some people argue that more investment in these facilities more benefits can bring for citizens’ health. This may be true to some extent, however, I contend that it would be better if the government offers other proactive measures to tackle this problem.
As common knowledge, physical exercises can keep one's health. People's healthness are straightforward to the medical burden. Some people believe public health have been improved through setting up more sports facilities. Others argue that those sector have not many effects on health if no other support measurement. This essay will discuss on both sides; I tend to agree with this latter viewpoint and how we improve our health together with sports.
A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong gift a person can give to themself. It does not only improve the physical wellness of a person but also improves mental health. People believe in order to improve our health; we should be active in sports. However, there are other factors that affect our health. In this essay, I will discuss how we can keep a fit lifestyle through sports and other activities.
Nowadays, citizens are more engaged in yoga and meditation to balance their mental health as wells as to stay positive. Few people think that several other measures are needed to enhance public health rather than the increment of sports facilities. In this essay, I will look at both sides of the argument and give my opinion.
Health is important as the number of coronary related diseases have increased, implementing a strategy to help and encourage everyone to have some kind of physical activities is crucial .
Nowadays,health is one of the important factors in society.A small number of public suggesting that adds more features and equipment to do exercise be an as healthy while, another public asking to find out different methods rather than practise use with machinery.In my opinion, game facilities are essential for fitness but need to be implemented other ways to keep our energy for long life.
The society has different opinions on how pubilc health should be improved.There is a number of peaple who believe that sports can help reduce the increased number of health problems while others believe they are other ways means .ln my opinion i believe they are different ways to promote health
Now days all people bussy about work and study.they have a don't time other activities like one playing sports and exercise .they most like spent the free time at home.i counsider that sports facilities the best way to improve health.
Although it is argued that more sports facilities are needed to enhance people’s health, others believe that it depends on other factors. In my opinion, even if sports facilities such as, gyms can be crucial for people to train their bodies, the kind of food that is consumed is more effective.
Few individual think that, there are few possibilities available to improve the public health such as by increasing sports facilities. While few people think that, this would not be enough, we may have to consider other essential measures. In my opinion, along with sports facilities we also focus on other different possible ways such as daily park routine and weight lifting at the gym.
Having healthy public people is one of the essential dreams for every government. Some individuals believe that enhancing sport equipments are very useful, but the others think it should evaluate the other factors as well. There are rational arguments on both sides of this challengable topic which will be discussed in detail, followed by my own opinion.
Public health, a major concern for governments and people, has been a matter of many controversies in recent years. While it is believed by some that providing more sports facilities is the best means to guarantee good public health, others argue that this is not the best solution and other measures yield more positive effects. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my own opinion
Some would argue that the best method to enhance the quality of community health is by building more and more sports complexes. While others say that the mentioned approach of health improvement will be less beneficial because I believe the basic necessity for life is potable water and proper sanitation, which makes people's life more improved.
Is it improve the general health rating of a community by introducing sports facilities and programs or does public health need to be revisited in a completely different dimension? This essay will discuss both perspectives of this controversial topic.
Nowadays, the question of what is the best solution to improve health people has been receiving a great deal of public attention. While some individuals say that more investment in sports facilities more benefits can bring for health’s citizens. I argue that it would be better if the government apply other measures to tackle this problem.
While a number of people believe that ameliorating supplement of sports amenities is the most outstanding method to enhance overall well-being of the residents, I would argue that there are more effective approaches to deal with the problem.
Sports are one of the crucial parts of human life, and there is no way for what we can deny the fact. It is a universal belief that this helps to lead a healthy life, and as well as a great influence on longevity. However, some others think this is not the only factor that leads human to a healthy life. In this essay, both of the points of view will be discussed, and as well I am going to make my point.
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