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I trongly agree that both the genders should be equally responsible for the house hold chaos, as nowadays economy has dramatically chnaged for both couples have neen equally given rights in education and occupations, therefore beingemployed and doing house works can be hectic,as this is no easy job for a lady only,in comparison while sharing the house jobs and sharing the tasks can be much easier and can be lived in much tension envirnment .
Many believe that diversity helps to boost the economy and overall growth of the country. I strongly agree with this statement, reasons will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
These days people tend to buy food rather than preparing at home. This trend has gained popularity over time due to many reasons. There are many advantages and disadvantages. This essay will discuss both sides of the coin.
It is considered by some that country develops rapidly, if people from different nations stay together in a same country and I completely agree with the notion.
Some people think that having people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds living together in the same country makes the country develop faster. Do you agree?
People are always on move and in constant search for new places since historical times. There is a belief that societies formed by people of different backgrounds and cultures tend to develop faster. I partially agree with the above statement and the essay below will discuss the pros and cons of this migration followed by a reasoned conclusion.
There is a believe that bringing together people from different countries and cultural backgrounds can accelerate the advancement of a country. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this idea considering a general setting, having two or more people coming together with different views and skills will help achieve a better result, I will further support my view with some points.
This world is becoming a global village where it has become common for people to migrate from one country to another country. It is now a common belief that people from multiple countries and various cultural backgrounds act as catalyst in the development of any country. This essay will elucidate why I agree with the statement and discuss reasons for it.
Nowadays, some people claim that a multicultural country is the key for a country fast development. In my opinion, people from different cultures can contribute to a faster country development. Because, they can not only present a new perspective for a problem but also help in connecting different countries by language.
There is a line of thinking that states that a multicultural country can achieve a more rapid development. I agree that the different people with their culture and knowledge helps a place do grow.
It is said that having individuals from various social life and cultural backdrop living together in one country makes the country increse faster.
It is believed by a few people that multicultural countries grow more quickly in comparison to a homogeneous society. I completely agree with this view because diversity brings new ideas and development.
In this contemporary epoch, every sector of life is revolutionised, while some still needs advancement. And, research is one of them, which is imperative to promote a healthy life and keep numerous ailments away. However, it is widely argued whether authorities or private organizations should fund these researches.
Nowadays, the people are migrating to other countries for their better education, career and lifestyle. I truly agreed to this statement that, when different nationalities lived together it will became a great success for the growth of the country.
In the modern world, many people believe that cultural diversity can motivate public members to collaborate with other members of society, and it can lead to develop faster. The another motivetional factor for quick development is nationalities. Due to diverse opinions and experiences, the greatest number of burning issues of society may find its solution. Personally, I believe that cooperation between the two people, whose cultural background is different from each other, can find the point of compromise for the further development.
Diversity is an important topic of concern today which contributes to the country's prosperity. Yet, some people feel that it is not of significance. In this essay, I intend to argue that countries benefit from bringing in people from different cultures. There are two primary reasons for this.
It is a common belief that multinational or multicultural communities can grow and develop rapidly. Although these countries might face some conflicts, I strongly believe that the people of these countries can develop significantly due to the variety of genes they have.
It is argued that citizens with different backgrounds are the key to rapid country development. In my opinion, a multicultural society provides a collaboration of other points of view, amplifying the solutions. The result is faster development, both economical and social. In addition, people from different countries living in the same place promote better communication and a better relationship between nations, breaking the barriers of languages.
It is not exaggerated to say that we are living in the era of a highly competitive world in which the majority of public-private sectors stressing on advertising industrialization as a beneficial mean to stimulate more consumers have been dramatically bo
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