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Nowadays, it is a common trend to have a pet at home. But a group of people believes that kids like them while the other think that they can be dangerous and can be the cause of many health related issues. I personally consider that having an animal at home can be the reason of many diseases. In this essay, both sides of the topic will be discussed with illustrations.
In recent years, researchers have studied how pets can help individual live a healthy life. People's believe that pets being dangerous and unhealthy are either the result of an incident or, a story that influenced them. In this essay I will discuss both opinion and present relevant examples. Indeed, in my mind, I have enough evidence from the research done on the benefits of pets at home to agree with the first opinion.
Having a pet is every child's dream. Children usually fullfill their dream much later in life, when they are capable of supporting themselves and ready to start a family of their own. This is when the question "Are pets are dangerous for children or not?" arises. There is a portion of the population that belives, animals may harm children while others are of the opinion that there several benefits to children having pets. In this essay, I will discuss both these views and justify why I believe that it is good for children to have pets growing up.
Peoples opinions differ as to whether or not it is advisable for children to raise an animal as their pet. Some suggest that raising domestic animals will teach children to be responsible and they can make a bond with them. I believe that children are prone to get infected by domestic animals and therefore they should not be allowed to handle pets.
Whether to have a pet or not remains a controversial issue. While some people are against having pets, in my opinion, domestic animals have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health and wellbeing. Also they make great companions for our children.
It is believed that such pets as dogs and cats are the most common to be found in everyday life, and researchers have found that keeping them as a companion would benefit children. However, there is also a minority of parents thought that it also has some demerits towards children’s health, which is true indeed. In this essay, I will logically discuss both views from my perspective and give my opinion.
Nowadays, we have seen most of the families have pets such as dogs, cats with them and they treat them as one of family member. While some people believe that having pets who plays with children is good but others argue that it is dangerous as they might get infection from pets. In my view I partially agree that having pets in house is good as pets are more affectionate and caring. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of topic.
Taming animals is becoming popular these days both in urban and rural areas. Some people believe that keeping your favored animal at home is profitable while others, in contrast, opposes pet keeping with children. My personal opinion on the topic is one should avoid keeping animals at home with children due to a multitude of reasons encompassed below.
This issue has caused wide public concern about keeping family animals would have a good environment for kids to grow up. On the contrary , someone believed that may affect children safe and their health problems. In my opinion , children receive substantive psychological benefits through having pets.
Sharing with a domestic animal at home is becoming a common habit in today´s families, otherwise, there are some people who believe it could cause health problems.In my opinion, there are studies who proved that they can provide security and love for children. Notwithstanding caregivers may have allergies.
Keeping pets in the house can lead to a lot of accidents in children. Some people believe that having pets in their house will contribute to allergies in kids such as skin allergy, pet allergy.
To begin with, although exotic pets (e.g. snakes, spiders, apes, etc.) Have been known to occasionally hurt and even kill children, such incidents are so statistically rare as to be negligible. This is because the overwhelming majority of children have non-lethal cats, dogs, fish, rodents and rabbits for pets. For example The Child Safety Institute found that over 90% of the children owned the aforementioned pets, and professed that they had never felt in the least bit endangered by them. Seen in this light, it is clearly unfounded to claim that pets present any physical danger to children.
In last decade, Researcher's from psychology examined the influence of pets on teenagers. The finding revealed that sharing home space with pets helped teenagers to be more positive at school with their peers. However, some commentators argue that pets can carry harmful bacteria which is not good for younger ones. I strongly believe that sharing home space can affect a child's immune system. This essay will explain both sides of the thesis statement by taking examples from psychology journals.
Pets have for ages been considered integral part of homes across nations and their role in making families complete cannot be over emphasised. However, in recent times, pet related injuries and diseases have sparked heated debates around safety of homes with pets. In this essay I shall argue that such dangers are grossly overemphasised and on the contrary children receive substantive benefits from pets.
Over the centuries human have coexisted with animals, as result today, we can witness domesticated animals being present in many homes. While others argue the safety of family members, particularly children as many newspapers have reported children mauled by animals but I am at opine that pets harming people is over emphasised and these actions are very negligible.
Over the centuries human have coexisted with animals, as a result today, we can witness domesticated animals being present in many homes. While others argue the safety of family members, particularly children as many newspapers have reported children mauled by animals, but I am at opine that pets harming people are over emphasised and these actions are very negligible.
These days pets are considered to be a huge support system for many families. Actually, they are very loyal, loving and very protective. Animals have a very jovial and playful nature, that is why small kids are keen on keeping pets. But, sometimes they could be dangerous and harmful if proper care is not taken.
Recently, there has been a heated controversy that owning pets has a potential danger to children’s health while others disagree. Personally, I completely agree that pet-related injuries should be more emphasized in childcare.
Some individuals debate that nurturing a pet when there is a child at home is a healthy sign,while others argue that it becomes dangerous and unhygienic to keep pets.I strongly affirm the notion that raising a puppy or kitten is good for children. This essay will elaborate on both sides with few illustrations.
Nowadays, people tend to keep an animal in the house for a good company to the kids. While some believe that it is beneficial for children, some even think there are safety issues. Although there are arguments, I radically believe, it is always a good option to have a pet. This essay will discuss the views and explain why I think so.
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