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Currently, the criminal problem is the top concern for families as well as the society. While some people believe that longer prison sentences is the best method to address this problem as it creates a sense of fear in the potential offenders, others thin
Fighting crime is the biggest challenge for any country. Having a stringent punishment for the crime could be a way to reduce it. The essay discusses alternatives of this and thus will give my opinion on the same.
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A latest report from New York times has revealed that 63% surveyed people agree that enforcing longer prison sentences is the best method to cut crime, meanwhile the remaining participants think there are enormous different ways which are better than that
Although it is sometimes thought the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentence , Other people believe that there are better ways by which crime can be reduced. I consider that there are far better ways to reduce crime than giving longer
People have diffirent point of view wirh regard to the efficiency of advertisment of propucts. In my opinion, drawing an attention to the special product can be beneficial for the company in terms of profit. This essay will discuss both views associated w
Crime is a gigantic problem to countries. This problem can be resolved in numerous ways, but the government still struggles to pick the most effective one. While the masses believe that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences, othe
Some individuals suppose that the prior solution to decrease the number of criminals is to imprison them longer. While other people claim that substitue methods should be used. In my opinion, imprisoning the criminals longer is an ideal solution and this
Crime is an issue of increasing concern around the world. Opinions are divided as to whether longer incarceration times are effective in combating crime. Those opposed to this harsh punishment assert that other approaches should be adopted to prevent crim
It is often argued that however there are many ways to reduce crimes, giving severe punishments to the criminals is proved to be the best. I strongly agree with this notion. This essay will first demonstrate how giving harsh punishments can bring down the
There has been an ongoing controversy which has led to the question, “Should shopping outlets sell home made products or imported ones?”. Some people think that these local made consumables should be sold in stores while others believe otherwise. In my op
Increasing crime may cause many consequences among the nation, Also many people makes debate on that.Some people deem that by giving long term jail may minimize this phenomenon, While other believes that rehabilitation can also help to reduce the ratio.Ho
In current society, the crime rate has increased notably. Because of that, there is a debate between people for the options which can be taken to decrease crimes. Such as the majority says the most suitable punishment is to give them a longer prison sente
In current society,most of the people are involved to do wrong things to live a better lives.So the majority people believe that it is needed to increase the duration of prison sentence inorder to decrease the crime rate while others claim that there are
It has been a controversial and debatable topic for a very long time whether longer time in prison or extreme punishments is the best solution to reduce crime or whether we should try to look at other angles of the issue and find better and more sustainab
The best way to reduce crime is to let criminals stay much more time in prison or use other better alternative ways? This issue has always been worthy of discussion. I think it might be better to take different alternative ways.
People have a myriad of views about the best option for preventing crimes, some claim that expanding the sentences time is the best option, but others argus that there are methots would have greater result. Divergent as people's views on this issue in que
When it comes to longer confinement sentences for the mob, there are differing opinions on the matter. It is important to explore both dialogues to gain a comprehensive understanding. In this essay, both communications will be discussed followed by my opi
There are competing views on how to reduce criminal activities. For some, it can be lowered by giving longer sentences to prisoners, instead in my opinion there are better options that we can apply to reach that goal.
In this day and age, there is a controversial debate about crime penalties. Some people claim that stricter penalties are the best decision to reduce crime while others state to use other measures which are appropriate to human rights instead of severe
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