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It is often argued that however there are many ways to reduce crimes, giving severe punishments to the criminals is proved to be the best. I strongly agree with this notion. This essay will first demonstrate how giving harsh punishments can bring down the crime rate followed by an analysis of other ways to achieve this.
There has been an ongoing controversy which has led to the question, “Should shopping outlets sell home made products or imported ones?”. Some people think that these local made consumables should be sold in stores while others believe otherwise. In my opinion, I believe that it is appropriate to enforce that food stores should sell products made by the citizen of that country rather than other countries. This is to patronize the producers and encourage entrepreneurship.
Increasing crime may cause many consequences among the nation, Also many people makes debate on that.Some people deem that by giving long term jail may minimize this phenomenon, While other believes that rehabilitation can also help to reduce the ratio.However, I will discuss both views and assert my opinion in the end.
In current society, the crime rate has increased notably. Because of that, there is a debate between people for the options which can be taken to decrease crimes. Such as the majority says the most suitable punishment is to give them a longer prison sentence while others believe that there are many other options to decrease it. This essay will elaborate on those options and finally present my idea.
It has been a controversial and debatable topic for a very long time whether longer time in prison or extreme punishments is the best solution to reduce crime or whether we should try to look at other angles of the issue and find better and more sustainab
In current society,most of the people are involved to do wrong things to live a better lives.So the majority people believe that it is needed to increase the duration of prison sentence inorder to decrease the crime rate while others claim that there are options to reduce the crime rate. In my opinion, people should have chance to understand their crimes and make them correct on their own.
People have a myriad of views about the best option for preventing crimes, some claim that expanding the sentences time is the best option, but others argus that there are methots would have greater result. Divergent as people's views on this issue in que
Modern world today,crime rate has been increasing since last 50 years.Type of punishment to give offenders divides society into two groups.Some think that by giving longer jail term would be better,whereas others ponder that community service would be great way to decrease the crime rate.
Although, it is considered by some that the crime rate can be reduced by strict prison rulings, others believe that alternative methods should be focused to reduce the crime occurrences in a society. In my opinion, I consider long imprisonments a viable option, depending on the nature and motive of the crime committed.
Many argue that extending punishment for the prisoners is the paramount way to diminish offence, whilst another portion of the population thinks of different solutions. In my opinion, elongated jail will only result in profound enrage and revenge within the caged and will rather make them offenders forever. However, approaches like skill based training and counselling can work as remedies to reduce crime. This essay would elaborate both viewpoints.
Crime is a serious and growing problem in most societies. Although many people believe that the best way to tackle this is to place people in jail for longer periods, others are of the opinion that other measures will be more effective.
A common opinion is that, to have lesser crimes in the country, people wish the government to enforce certain rules to constrict the prevailing laws; therefore, the criminals won't get a chance to escape easily. Others believe that, there should not be any harsh punishments for prisoners. Here in this essay, I will discuss both of the arguments.
Now a days it is a hot topic amongst number of legal researchers and jurists that; how to minimize the crime rate in the society? Answer is comprised of various opinions, some one wishes to declare the criminals as permanent menace for the society so let them behind the bars to rot, however, on the other hand section of people have different view, who put forth a lot of solutions for eradicating the crimes.
Some people would argue that expanding the period of imprisonment is the most effective method to deter criminals, while others believe that reducing crime rate has alternative options. I agree with this as providing training and education for prisoners can reduce the rate of crime effectively.
It is thought by some individuals that longer prison sentences would reduce crime rates. Others think that there are other ways of reducing it. Although staying in prison for long would ensure that they learn from their mistakes, I believe giving them parole will be more effective.
In today’s world many judgmental beliefs are changing conistantly. According to some, fighting crimes could be achieved by sentencing commiters longer period in prison, while others think that there are innovative ways to reduce crime rates in societies. I consider that there are innovative ways to reduce crimes than locking up prisoners for longer periods.
Antisocial activities has become a burning issue in this cutting egde development era .Reducing the proliferated rate of crime bylonger prison sentences hold one point of view of people while other deem that there are many other ways like proper counselling and regular observation by their parents are the elite alternatives I will shed light on both and give my prospective with compendium Commencing with the view which bolster those who reckon that longer prision sentences are the best to justifying this it develope fear among criminals and the next they avoid to doing activities like robbing ,thiefing and rapping .In addition to this , the rest of the members of the society get afirst hand experience of this which force them to never do this again that is its directly reduce the crime rates Mortals who are appositeto this reckon that there are one best way to mitigate antisocial activites is proper counselling of both parents and teenagers .For instance counselling for parents who are busy in doing work around the clock regarding regular observation of their teens activities and counselling for children while rendering the bad effects of engaing in harmfull activities on their status . In compendium ,it is axiomatic that. Long sentence prison makes criminals more aggressive and rock hearted but there are many other ways to eliminate this issue
Teachers are essential assets of our society, hence there are multiple perspectives to what they are responsible for. It is generally believed by some that teachers are only responsible for directing students academically. On the contrary, many think that teachers are accountable for moulding an individual perspective and compelling them to rights and wrongs in their life. Nevertheless, In this essay I will gauge both perspectives at length and discuss why I believe in the latter one.
It is thought by some individuals that, the most effective way to alleviate criminal activity is to hand the culprits a longer prison sentence, while others opined that, other measures to reduce crime abound. This essay will discuss both views and clearly state the reasons why I believe, other productive channels should be considered to ameliorate nefarious acts.
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