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The transportation revolution is accelerating at a faster pace. Some people believe that governing bodies should allocate funds in building more train routes whereas others argue that the funds should be invested in impr
The issue of how to alleviate traffic congestion is a perennial challenge faced by governments worldwide. One school of thought advocates for the expansion of train and subway lines, positing that public transportation i
Traffic congestion is a great concern somes cities around the world. While some individual opine on constructing train and underground rail , other argu that more larger streets one of the best ways to control traffic s
Traffic congestion has become an increasingly pressing issue in many cities around the world. As the population continues to grow and more people are opting for personal vehicles, roads are becoming more and more crowded
The high volume of traffic is a huge problem for many big cities. Therefore, there is a widely held view among a number of people that governmental bodies should pour money in building such public transport systems as tr
Traffic congestion has become the bane of citizens in many parts of the world. In order to mitigate this problem, some suggest that public transportation, such as trains and subway lines should be constructed. Meanwhile,
Unquestionably, every coin has two sides so are the people. Society's people are divided into two groups and therefore, the traffic congestion has become a topic of debate among individuals. This essay will compare and c
News is one of the ways that allows us to explore our surroundings. Many people think to read the international news is more crucial than local news, however, some of them think the other way.
People hold different opinions from the angle of diversification and dimensions. Some people consider building the Metro and the Train lines system to be an efficient way to solve traffic jams. In contrast, others contem
The ongoing discourse concerning governmental spending strategies to alleviate traffic congestion pits proponents of building train and subway lines against advocates for wider roads. From my perspective, the prudent all
In today’s age, it is a common belief that politicians ought to construct more and expanded expressways to decrease overcrowding. However, there is a more persuasive argument that constructing railways and metro stations
The issue of adding new rail lines has become a strongly debated one. While others believe that the state should invest in the construction of new train ways some are keeping a belief that upgrading commuter buses is a p
People hold different views about whether train and subway lines should be built by the government or whether constructing more roads is one of the effective methods to ease the traffic jams. While many people suppose t
Nowadays, traffic is a main problem in a variety of countries. Traffic is a murder, terrible and bumper-to-bumper, particularly during rush hours in mega-cities. Thus, governments should address issues. Some people say b
Today's, traffic is a main problem in a variety country. Traffic is a murder, terrible and bumper-to-bumper, particularly during rush hours in the mega-city, thus governments should address this issue. Some people say bu
There is an opinion that authorities should sponsor train lines development but also there is a contrary opinion that it is better to expand public transportation. In this essay, I am planning to observe both ideas and s
Some individuals believed that the government should invest more money in building of trains and subway systems, in order to reduce the rate of traffic jam, while others thought that construct more new and wider roads is
Nowadays, roads are more common than train or subway lines in most of the countries. Almost every household will own and use a car to travel around the city than taking the subway. But, some people prefer taking the subw
It has been frequently argued that the high authorities ought to invest in the construction of more railways to combat jams, whilst others consider that more lanes on a road are the better option. From my perspective, it
It has been argued that constructing wider and better roads is the most productive way to diminish traffic jams. However, I believe that if government spend money in order to build train and subway lines, reducing traffi
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