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The given column graph elucidates the unpaid work done by both married men and women having different numbers of children. A cursory glance is adequate to mention that most women, with or without children, have to do the unpaid household works more than m
The diagram below shows the average hours of unpaid work per week done by people in different categories. In this statement, the claimer said unpaid work refers to activities such as childcare at home, housework and gardening.
The diagram graph shows reponsibilities of maried people weekly chore by gender, child number and hours. A glance at the graph reveal that growing child number has effect on work time of families.
The bar graph presents information on the amount of weekly unpaid working hours experienced in married people by gender and by the number of children they have. Overall, the number of weekly unpaid work hours increased significantly in married women when
The diagram illustrates how married people spend their time doing unpaid work per week in three different periods. Overall, it can be easy to see that the number of hours women getting involved in housework, childcare and gardening had tendency to be much
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