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In the days of the 21st century, relying on the internet is not unfamiliar to humans. Lives and financial systems have been altered by the internet, nevertheless, the planet is tended to become a worldwide community. It is indisputable that the identical thoughts and behaviors will exist in the humankind. This essay will illustrate a subjective opinion that is in agreement with the given topic.
The emergence of technological advancements, particularly internet, has an extremely pivotal role in revolutionizing our lives and influencing the economies all over the world. Nevertheless, some people are under impression that due to the use of internet, people sooner or later will have the identical thoughts and conduct. I also have the similar point of view which will be discussed in this essay.
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In contemporary society, relying on the internet is an integral part of human lives . Lives and financial systems have been altered by the online network; nevertheless, the planet is being turned into a worldwide community. It is indisputable that identical thoughts are shared among those within the online community. This essay will illustrate a subjective opinion that is in agreement with the given topic.
Since the moment of existing, Internet has gradually changed our life and influenced the economies all over the world. However, it is thought that worldwide web makes our world an infinite territory where people have an identical thoughts and conduct. In my opinion, Internet considerably erases a lot of boards and differences between people thus making the individuals identical.
A part of the population believes in the notion that the whole idea of experimenting on animals is very cruel and must be ostracized. Nevertheless, the remaining are of the opinion that experimenting on animals has been an impeccable tool in developing newer drugs and inventions for many decades and it should be continued. I firmly oppose experimentation on animals and think it cannot be justified in any way.
In our society currently technology has changed a lot and it transformed our daily living and other resources in many ways.Some say that the network will not rule human beings, but others agree that it rules everyone and behave in a same manner and think accordingly.I partially disagree with the statement.
In this modern era a number of technology advancement are developed and internet is one of them. Im agree with the statement that everyone will behave in the same way in the near future. In fact, I feel this way for two reason. For the first, plenty of teen prefer to get knowledge from different internet resources. It is a striking aspect of the internet user and it leads to similarity in their knowledge and behavior. The underlying reason is that a lot of materials are copied from other web and they have no idea about a topic. Consequently people and especially student just absorb other ideas and explanation and they do bot try to deeper and understand main principle and feature of articles. For the second, social network define the way how people live. However such media resources become the main way of spending free time, so people just stare at smartphones everywhere and a lot people suffer from the similar disease because they use the same gadgets, they have lifestyle and they have similar hobbies such as scrolling a celebritys newsfeed in the instagram. To conclusion im of the opinion that because of the internet people have the same passion and lifestyles that lead to several effect.
In our tremendously developing world, the Internet has become one of the essential aspects of our life. In recent years the internet has changed the whole world signaficantly anda now we can bir imagine our life without it. However, there exist some individuals who concern about the addiction to the Internet has a negative effect on peopleʼs individuality, there will be a threat that all mankind may act identically in the future. But, I strongly disagree with this statement.
Advent and invigoration of the internet has affected significantly on changes of lifestyles, economical developments and many others. Now that people have communication accesses at anytime and anywhere, it is universal to experience same trends and cultures throughout the world. However, there are concerns regarding what if the whole world ends up sharing a single culture. In my opinion, although people will enjoy and follow the same culture, it is less likely to happen each and every person will think and act the same.
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It is no doubt that the Internet is increasingly one of the irreplaceable communication means. People keep in touch each other through the way the Internet offering. It brings people closer by using the Internet lines. A cooperation arranging a meeting over the Net where its staff can debate the policy of the company. People argue that the Internet has adjusted the way people interact via the same model. I pretty agree with this statement.
There is no doubt that the Internet bring huge innovation for whole globe, especially for lives and economies. However, some people look on the opposite site, in which they see that it is turning the world into a global village and soon everybody will think and behave in the same way.
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