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Nowadays, the ultimate goal of science should be to enhance human lives. I completely agree with this assertion because of medical, technological and environmental benefits.
it is debatable that the improvement of people's lives is paramount goal of science or not. Therefore, in this essay, I will elaborate this point of view whether the extent is correct.
The curiosity of science is a desire in mankind because it plays a vital role in aiming for beneficial life improvement. Many people nowadays are better than in the past because of advanced development in the scientific
It is commontly though that all most invention of science and target of technology was supported to create and improve was original from promoting people's live. I completely agree with this thinking for the reasons prov
The significant goal of science is it should give the positive impacts for public particularly to improve people’s live, not the otherwise. I strongly agree with the statement and this essay will explain the justificatio
Some people are believed that science plays crucial role on daily living of people. Nowadays, science contribute to people for enhancing the level of people’s lives. There are plenty of advantages pertain to science name
Some people opine that in an era marked by unprecedented scientific advancements, the paramount goal of science should fundamentally be directed towards improving the lives of individuals. I wholeheartedly concur with th
I partially agree with the topic. It is clear that almost everyone would pursue longevity, whether it derives from the fear of death, or the greed of humanity that craves to explore more about this world. However, in my
There is a merit in the argument that science’s primary gold should be improving human’s lives. Undoubtedly, advancements in medicine, agriculture and technology have increasingly enhanced our well-being.
It is debatable whether the improvement of people’s lives is the most prominent purpose of science or not. In this essay, I will discuss the extent to which this view is correct.
It is true that science has been growing since the existence of human beings, starting from building simple inventions from wood and stone, such as wheels and creating words (linguistic) in order to improve communication
Scientific developments are occurring at a great ratebut some of them do not seem to be of help to people. In fact, sometimes scientific innovations are regretted by those who invented them. Thisessay will argue that sci
Nowadays, many countries in this world are in a race to achieve their aim with science. The key to many problems humans face is science for reducing hunger, finding new cures, and creating a better economy. However, ther
It is debatable whether the most prominent aim of science is improving the lives of individuals or not. I generally agree with this point of view; however, its effect on nature should be taken into account.
It is often argued whether the first and foremost objective of science should be to enhance the quality of life for people or not. However, this essay agrees that improving people’s lives should be the priority of scient
There has been vast advances in the field of science which can affect most aspects of human life. Many believe that the ultimate goal of science must be to help make people's lives better. Therefore, in this essay, I am
Tere have been vast advances in the field of science which can affect most aspects of human life. Many believe that the ultimate goal of science must be to help make people lives better. Therefore, in this essay I am goi
There is no doubt that science is considered a significant field that mainly positively affects people’s lives. From my perspective, I firmly agree with that statement. This is because, over the years, science has led to
With the development of science, there are some controversies about the most important purpose of science. In my opinion, enhancing people's lives is the most important aim of science.
Nowadays, we are living in a world with the advent of several remarkably scientific breakthroughs. Not only does it bring along benefits for the aspect of studies, but it is also applied to increase the citizens’ quality
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