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The pie charts present data on how various countries spent and consumed of resources and inhabitants is dispensed.
The pie charts illustrate the allocation of resources by countries and the distribution of global population.
These pie charts illustrate data on resources on both expenditure and consumption worldwide. It is clear from the pie chart that the United States and the European countries are represented more than half of the world co
The presented pie charts illustrate how countries around the allocation of world spending and consumption of resources and the distribution of world population. Overall, people around the world, which are mostly concentr
the three pie charts illustrate the expenditure and the usage of five categories of resources and provide the information about distribution of world population. Overall, the largest resource consumpsion occurs in the US
The given pie charts provide information regarding the allocation and use of resources in the world and also inform about the rate of different continents' population.
The piechart depicts the information about the utilisation of resourses , total number of people live around the world and the consumption of resourses as well.
Three pie charts are given in which the first chart illustrates the world's spending. The second chart depicts the world's population whereas the third chart shows how much resources are being consumed.
The given pie chart provides information on expenditure and resources consumption in specific areas in the world, Including population distribution. Units was represented by percentage.
The information provided in the pie charts depicts the proportion of the usage of some basic necessities by different nations and how the masses of all states are scattered all over the globe.
The three pie charts respectively illustrate the expenditure and resources consumed by countries around the world and the demographic distribution.
The pie charts illustrate the information about global expense, using of resources by contries and the allocation of the population. Units are measured in percentage.
The given pie charts show data on food, clothing, housing, transport and others and consumption of resources by countries of the world and how the population is distributed.
The pie chart here potrays the information about world's population and the world's resource consumption followed by world spending on recources.
The pie chart compares data on the expenditures and exhaustion of food, housing, transport and other resources by different nations of the world and also the distribution of population. Units are measured in percentage.
The pie charts illustrate given recources by different countries from Asia, Europe, America and Africa. how people from that areas liveed.
The Pie chart illustrates the division of population overall with the spending and usage of the resources with respect to different countries of the world.
The following graphs present how many resources the world population intake and what are they spending their national budget for.
The pie charts provide information about how many resources are spent and consumed in a variety of different countries and the percentage of the population who was in the world.
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