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In the era of globalization, the population of the world has increased tremendously, especially in the developed nation. Therefore, demand of supply of food has incurred greatly so the government need to meet the demand of the growing public. In order for that to happen, the government from the developed nation has collaborate with the developing countries to import and export the food. However, the environmentalist feared that this will create a huge impact to the environment. In my opinion, I do agree with that notion, though this conundrum can be solved.
Nowadays, the world has become too much connected. Goods are transported all over the globe. However, air pollution and climate change can be increased, when a large amount of food is transported. Hence, some people think that developed countries should reduce the process of importing food from poorer countries. In my opinion, I totally disagree about the reduction of food Transportation.
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In the last decades, the population growth rate is increasing dramatically, and this growth has created many needs in human societies. For example, many governments do not have the potential to produce the necessary food for their people so thy must seek help from other countries and the transfer of the food can lead to some disadvantages like negative impact on eco-system of these countries.
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