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I am Charvi Patel pursuing a specialised course in Marketing Management. I am here for the short term course of 3 months sponsored by my company Kaizen consultancy. I am writing to bring into notice about the several difficulties I am facing here at the a
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I hope this letter finds you well. We have been friends from middle school but somehow lost touch after we joined the university. But I remember you passion in painting and photography. I am writing this letter to tell you that I have won a prize in a pho
I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the problems I am facing in the area provided to me. The room is very congested, there is not enough air circulating through it and the ventilation system is very poor. Moreover,I am given a shared place
I am Mehwish Peter, a temporary student, enrolled in the “I.T Management” course staying at Royal's dormitory, Room no 27. I am writing this letter to make a complaint about the inconvenience that I am currently experiencing due to the accommodation.
I am writing this letter to show my dissatisfaction with the accommodation provided by you. The accommodation which has been allocated to me is too far from the university and I have to travel 3 hours in total per day. Apart from the traveling issue, ther
Hope you are doing great. First of all, let me thank you for your help in finding an accommodation and other facilities. Sincerely, you have done a great job in finding a home to stay as a paying guest, as per my budget. But, I’m sorry to say that, I do n
I am writing this letter to inform you that I started a course of Masters in commerce in Canada with the reference of your institute. According to the commitment , the accommodation was provided by you is not appropriate because there are various issues f
I am Irene Vincent and I had joined for a 3 months health informatics course in summer. I am writing to inform you regarding the inconveniences that i am facing with the college hostel accommodation provided.
I am studying in your institute since last 4 month. I took admission for the course in april 2020 and accomidated along with another 2 students. I was very impressed with current course and related workshop. Initially a room which was showed me as a sampl
I am writing this letter requesting you to make necessary arrangement for our 3-night stay at your resort which is from 23rd March till 26th March. I would like to make a reservation for a duplex room on the high floor facing the beachside, as we are a f
I am writing this letter regarding the accommodation provided for me at Kent street which is far from my university, as my course duration is only 6 months so I am not willing to buy any car and it is a new place for me.
I'm writing to ask you to make the appropriate arrangements for our three-night stay at your resort from March 23rd to March 26th. I'd like to make a reservation for a duplex room on the upper level with a view of the beach, as this will be more convenien
My name is Rubina and I am taking an eight-week intensive English course. I am writing this letter to complain about the challenges I am facing with the accommodation provided at the Phoenix hostel.
I am writing this letter to inform you about the accommodation you provided to me for the duration of my certificate course in machine learning . I am very disappointed to see the accommodation which was allocated to me by the hostel warden .
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