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I hope this letter finds you well.I am writing this letter to say about my problem when I try to stay at your hotel and the receptionist was very helpful, so firstly I should say thank you for your help and I am fully fascinated by your stuff behaviour for helping me.
I am writing to describe the appaling experience I had to go through while staying at your hotel. My name is Laura Espeso, my family and I spent our most recent holiday at The Palmas resort, located on 53 Thompson Street, right across Main Beach. I had previously booked two bedrooms months ago. In fact, I precisely expressed our need to include in one of the rooms three separate single beds. Once we arrived at the hotel, we showed our booking reference number at the front desk. We expected, as per our reservation, accommodations that would suffice our previously stated demands, however, to our surprise, the second room had only a queen bed. As the hotel was fully booked, there was no other room available for my children, so we thought we would have to leave and find another place to stay.
I'm writing to express my appreciation of your place services subsequence my personal issues on Thursday, May 6th, 2021 and solid emotional experiences. Especially, Miss. Emma assists trivial supports, my family, during her shifts in the earliest morning.
Greetings of the day! I am writing this letter to share my experience when I stayed at your hotel New Era on the 23rd of last month and I had faced a serious issue regarding check in services.
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