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There are many people in countries that deal with poverty who die from curable illnesses because of money shortage countries like Africa and India
It is believed that there should be a reduction in the price of medicines in poor countries due to people in these nations can not afford treatments which results in an increasing rate of death . The writer of this essay
Several researches showed that the death rate from diseases in underdeveloped countries is alarming, the situation was driven by a lack of access to sufficient medication. I believe this dire situation needs to be addres
In these days, some people are prefer buying a house than renting one because, it will be asset in their lifetime. On the contrary, some people choosing to rent the house or flat as it is cheaper and flexible. This essa
People say that knowledge is power; however, nowadays more high school graduates have chosen to be employed instead of continuing with their education. Although there are valuable resources we can get from work-based tra
It is common for people to pay for healthcare in various nations. However, some argue that government should detail that all people could be taken the medical care for free payment. In this essay I will explain why I dis
Regarless of where you live, what yo do, it is extremely important to understand the environmar that surrounds you, including to people you lived around , the community you stayed, and the building you inhabited.
Rencently, plent of people living in countrysides move to urban cities in numerous countries in the whole world leading to a decline of the rural population. This development may have it pros and cons.
Nowadays majority of young people does not have the habit of watching TV news or read print media. This essay will delve into reasons for this phenomenon and put forward some possible solutions to tackle this issue.
These days, some people say that shopping in different countries are becoming more similar when there is less different in products around the world. Some people think this cause negative effects, while the others do not
Most people who live in poor countries die from diseases that could be healed by using medication. Because they cannot afford the price of the treatment. Therefore, some crowd think drug companies could decrease the pric
Viet Nam has experienced various periods of development throughout its history, but the modern era of development can be seen in the mid-1980s with the introduction of economic reforms known as “Renovation”. Since the ea
Nowadays, the motivation of people to be a tutor in numerous countries is diminishing, especially in junior high schools. This essay will discuss about the underlying source of this problem, and the most feasible way to
In today's materialistic world, nations' disparities have significantly decreased due to the fact that individuals can purchase the same sites anywhere in the world. This trend is considered positive due to the impact of
There is no doubt that these days anyone in the world can buy the same products from any country. The question is, is the development of countries to make them similar positive or negative for humanity? In this essay, I
Many countries in the world have wars, diseases and so on; consequently, a low quality of the life of resident raises the desire to migrate to other nations. However, they have to integrate into society in other regions,
It has become popular for the young to not pursue tertiary education, but to start work-based training instead. Although this may have some advantages, in my opinion, not getting a university degree has more significant
Poverty related death is a huge predicament faced by natives of third world countries. With the vast improvements in the health sector, this should not be the case. I believe pharmaceutical authorities should cut down th
Some of the African countries and Asian countries still are developing countries or they are undeveloped. Due to that, the people on these countries having low income and they are not receiving enough income to afford fo
Having your own home and not living in rent for a lifetime, is one of the biggest situations that everybody is facing in our days. Is it a curse or a charisma to be the owner of a house? The truth is that the majority of
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