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Some would argue that increasing the number of sports facilities in the country will improve people’s health, while others say that it will not have much effect and other means should be implemented. While inclusion of more sports grounds will certainly make them more accessible to the public, I believe that people need to be motivated in order to utilize such facilities efficiently.
In recent years, there has been an increased integration of technology within the education sector. This essay will discuss the problems of relying on technology and provide some possible solutions.
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It is argued that governments give too much importance to the conservation of wild animals, while neglecting more severe issues in their countries. This essay disagrees with this statement because animals play an important part in our ecosystem, and they need to be protected from people that exploit them for their unethical benefits.
Nowadays, a trend of extensive travelling has emerged in the people around the world. Many individuals these days prefer to visit destinations with hard conditions such as The Arctic, rather than the usual tourist places. This essay will delve into the pros and cons of visiting such places.
Some argue that school teachers should not assign any homework to their students, while there are others who believe that it is important for a child’s education. Although homework plays a very beneficial role in improving children academically, it does not give them enough time to pursue extra-curricular activities for self-development.
Owing to the increased number of vehicle movement in major cities, it has been suggested that private cars be restricted from plying major roads in the cities. In my opinion, i agree that personal cars be banned from popular road networks in other to decrease traffic congestion and road accident.
In recent times, there has been a high interest in knowing more about other nations, while some people think that a good way to learn about other places is through travelling there, others view this as unnecessary and state that it is possible to learn about other places through the internet and television. In my opinion, I consider visiting other countries a more effective way to learn about their way of life.
Recent decades witnessed an upsurge of the number of online games becoming a popular source of entertainment indulgenced in children. This was met both approvals and objections in favor of allowing children to play computer games. As I see it, the demerits of allowing young people to play games overshadow its possible merits.
The number of humans who are susceptible to serious health issues as a result of being obese is rising. Why is this ugly trend on this rise and how can it be curtailed? This essay will discuss both questions in detail.
In recent times, some people are of the opinion that we have too many choices to make about several issues of life. I completely agree with this view and in these essay, I will explain why.
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Nowadays, there are many possible ways of communication, however correct and accurate communication is a must. Some people believe that these modes overrule traditional communication and they are not required anymore. This essay shows partial agreement for this statement.
Nowadays, there are many possible ways for communication, however correct and accurate communication is a must. Some people believe that these modes overrule traditional communication and they are not required anymore. This essay shows partial agreement for this statement.
The majority of the people think that, having the abundant money and less free time is the best way to spend a life. However, some think that, earning enough money and investing more time for life is another way of living leisure life. In my opinion, both points have their own positive as well as negative aspects, but spending more quality spells with enough money is always better in order to find satisfaction in life.
It has been an age-long discussion by individuals, groups, societies and governments about stakeholders’ responsibilities with respect to making their habitations dirt-free and more liveable. To some people, the onus of maintaining a hygienic environment lies on its inhabitants while others believe that, this task is the government’s bit. I believe, this duty largely lies more on the shoulders of each and every member of the society than the constituted authority of a particular area.
It can be said that the health and lifestyle of people around the world has changed in recent years. While others believe that this change has many drawbacks, I would argue that there has been more positive effects then negatvie.
It is important that, children are kept busy in their free time, by engaging them in a series of activities. However, whether this is done as part of a group, or alone, is totally up to the parents. While a number of persons believe that, children should be engaged in activities with other children, others are of the view that, children should figure out how to keep themselves busy on their own. In my opinion, it is pertinent that, children engage in organized activities with other kids. This essay, will discuss both views, as well as state reasons why, people have different views about this.
Certain people believe that we have nothing to gain from the life of earlier generations because we are scientifically more advanced than them. In contrast, others think there are lots of morals to learn from stories of the past and I agree with them.
Tertiary education is one of the most colossal achievement one can have. Some school of thoughts think the purpose of this system is assist baccalaureates in getting a job, while other believe there are much broader advantages for one and the public in general. This essay will look at this arguments in details.
In the current scenario, for the sake of convenience, the animals are being exploited regularly by humans in a plethora of ways. People’s opinions differ as to whether the animals should be used or not. I also accord with the strong arguments against the utilization of animals for commercial purposes.
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In recent years, the intergration of technology and society has brought the increased use of the internet. Many people believe that it is a useful way of remaining in contact with others, however, some believe that it is a way of spreading false information. Both views will be discussed before an opinion is reached.
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