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A section of society has been observed to consume only vegetarian food because they believe it to be good for the body and the earth. In my opinion, it is a personal choice to eat a vegetarian diet; however, a person cannot stay healthy or save the planet by restricting the non-vegetarian diet.
Most cultures value the concept of pursuing knowledge. In the 21st century, we now have many more options on how and where to find that knowledge. Let’s say you are a French national. You can apply to do an economics degree in the USA. An American citizen can take a course in linguistics in France. Most universities across the world have a lot of foreign students.
It is often argued that requiring an applicant to provide additional personal information such as hobbies or marital status is beneficial for the employer; however, many people disagree with this view and claim that this information is useless and holds no value. This essay will elaborate on both points of view and present my opinion.
There is currently a contentious argument advocating that metropolitan authorities should demolish old city structures instead of preserving them in order to make way for new ones. I strongly disagree with this notion because they are a window into the past and an asset to national tourism.
It is true that studying Geography in school is important. I agree partially with this opinion and also supports that studying other important subjects like Science, Mathematics, Tecnology and English are also most vital than studying Geography only, especially STEM subjects.
There is no doubt that internet has proved to be an innovative technology. While some people believe that internet has been useful to bring people closer, others argue that it is responsible for isolation among people and communities. This essay discusses both sides of this argument, and then I will give my own perspective.
Although it is thought that young adults ought to stay independently from their family,other people believe they need to live much longer with their relatives even when they are matured. In my opinion,adults need not be allowed to stay with their families so that they can learn important life skills.
Although it is believed by some that everybody at the age of 65 is not permitted to be laboring, others consider that there should not be any age limit to people who are employed. In my opinion, while it is good that working age ought to be abolished since the jobs help them to keep fit physically and psychologically, I think retiring at 65 years would afford them time to rest and to pursue other dreams.
While some people believe that competitiveness should be instilled in the minds of the children in school, others favor team work and cooperation. In my opinion, the latter notion of imbibing team spirit is more essential.
The argument over whether learning at home or at school is better for children has not been settled yet. Whereas home education offers better protection with individual learning and opportunities for families to bond, institutes or early child learning have a superior range of material and human resources. Ultimately, I think such experience is best for children. There are several advantages for children who learn at home.
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