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It is widely agreed that a high salary should be a priority when deciding on a job, while some people also agree that enjoying the job itself is important. In the following paragraph, we will discuss both perspectives based on financial condition and mental health before concluding it.
Museums have an important role in our society. A group of museums charges an admission fee, while others are completely free. For this reason, the public is divided into two groups who agree with paying to enter this institution and disagree with that. I believe the merits of this outweigh the demerits.
Nowadays the vast majority of people are considered unhealthy and non-active. The key problem is the food preferences that changed over the years. In order to solve the current issue government should make bioproducts more affordable in the country.
Most of the organizations have a mixed blend of different age groups working towards a united goal of providing profit to the company. This essay will discuss the advantages of distinct age categories working in one team which includes varied experience and maturity. This essay will also analyze the drawbacks of having many age groups in a team including generation gap and compatibility.
The developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada imparted money to underdeveloped nations to help them out. Certain people believe that it is better to give others measures instead of charity funds. I strongly agree with the statement.
In this contemporary era, several people argue that having a chat on a cell phone in a public or busy place should be prohibited. However, other individuals ponder that we should be allowed to communicate with others ,wherever we need. Nonetheless, in the forthcoming paragraphs ,I shall examine this matter from every angle and obviously, I will give my perspectives.
It is certainly true that working for a big company is better than a small one due to individual growth, more exposure and opportunity. I fully agree with this opinion and the justification is outlined below.
Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
Over the past decades, people's perspectives on environmental problems have shown significant divergence. The question of whether a specific species is the most pressing issue compared to other environmental problems has become a matter of considerable debate. Although some proponents argue that protecting endangered species is a priority, I believe that there are more crucial environmental matters that have to be addressed.
As more news has been concentrated on autonomous cars, more on-road tests have been conducted by different companies. People in contemporary society believe that, in the future, all kinds of vehicles will be autonomous. However, not all people think that autonomous will be conducive to humans' future development, some argue that driverless cars could even do harm to us. From my perspective, I believe that autonomous vehicles could bring both benefits and harm to humans.
Overall, I disagree with the statement that in the 21st century wild creatures do not have any place, and it is merely a waste of resources to protect them. In this essay, I will give reasons for my disagreement.
In this contemporary era, modern technology has replaced almost everything in people's everyday life. Some people argue that paying too much attention to and maintaining public libraries is a waste of money, as the newest computers can replace their functions. Personally, I disagree with that position, as local libraries can contribute to the development of the nation's culture. However, local libraries are at the heart of the nation's culture. Libraries, in their own right, mean much more than a place for reading, especially for elderly people. Some people prefer to visit the library not only to borrow a book or just to read, but also to interact with other individuals. For instance, old-fashioned people still visit the library with a purpose to socialize with others. Meanwhile, libraries are crucial for some nations. For instance, in Bulgaria, all the cultural activities on special days take place in the libraries as a symbol of culture. Furthermore, modern technology provides a s...
In the modern age, people think that many subjects such as painting and drawing in art classes leading to a child’s growth are as important as others, therefore, it should be compulsory in high schools. Personally, this writer agrees with this statement and will demonstrate the reason why in the following essay.
Art lessons which are containing drawing and painting play a crucial role in the development of students as much as core subjects. There are many views that it is necessary for high schools to teach this study field. This author agrees with that statement due to enhancing their educational quality and soft skills improve for future careers.
Many historical buildings are protected by law as part of a nation’s heritage. Some people argue that these structures should be demolished and replaced with new ones. I disagree with this viewpoint, and in this essay, I will explain several reasons why preserving historical landmarks is crucial.
It is sometimes argued that increasing petroleum prices is the only measurement to decrease environmental issues. Although this can help reduce the problem, I strongly believe that there are many ways to tackle environmental issues such as educating people about habitat issues and applying regulations on individuals and companies.
In the modern world, the way to reduce the crime rate is a topic of debate. While some people believe that serving a longer prison sentence is the solution, others oppose that there are substitute options to control this rate. This essay will discuss both aforementioned views before outlining my personal opinion.
There is ongoing discourse about whether limiting working hours with laws is beneficial for employees. Some might argue that it has negative impacts. However, I firmly believe that these laws positively affect the working environment.
Many environmental issues have emerged and spread globally. Some people believe that addressing these issues should be a global responsibility, while others argue that each nation should manage its own problems. This essay will discuss both viewpoints before reaching a conclusion.
When comes to the question of "What does success mean to you?", different answers vary from person to person. Some people would say that accomplishment from their work or studies is a real success, I partially agree with this statement, because I believe success can be economic achievements, contribution to society, as well as emotional satisfaction.
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