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Nowadays, few institutions are implementing new strategies and some parents are providing more support in financial concepts to teenagers. However, many juveniles do not how to manage their own resources after finishing their studies. This essay will discuss two causes associated with this issue and suggest two potential solutions.
Nowadays, in some monopolies, it has become a trend for celebrities to take the role of models for youth, by having an essential influence on them. Although, teenagers will be motivated by the results of stars, not all famous people can be useful models for them.
Family-run businesses present a unique set of advantages and challenges that can significantly impact their success. On one hand, they benefit from strong trust, shared values, and a long-term vision. On the other hand, they can struggle with nepotism, internal conflicts, and resistance to change. Here’s an exploration of these aspects, followed by my conclusion:
In today's world, some people believe that as the internet becomes more prevalent, the demand for newspapers is declining, turning them into a thing of the past. From my perspective, there is truth in both views. The following paragraphs will clarify my stance.
In accordance with societal norms, engaging in criminal activity can lead to a permanent label for an individual. However, evolving perspectives, the implementation of strict penalties, and the receipt of support from society have led me to believe that individuals can emerge from the realm of criminal behaviour.
Since the advent of computer games, youngsters have found an alternative to traditional means of play such as, playing outside. Some people believe that playing outside is more beneficial to a child's development. While playing on consoles can bring temporary enjoyment, I strongly agree that outdoor activities are more beneficial to a young one's growth. This essay will discuss why the positives of outdoor activities far outweigh gaming.
As the question suggests, a growing awareness of national architectural history has emerged among individuals. In my estimation, this phenomenon is attributed to two primary factors. First, it is simply for fun. Second, it is useful to gain new ideas for pursuing a more comfortable life. Furthermore, it is possible to explore these historical accounts with ease and efficiency in our contemporary era.
Teaching children the difference between right and wrong from an early age is crucial for their moral development. I firmly agree that punishment is a necessary tool in this educational process. This essay will explore both sides of the argument and present my opinion in favour of using appropriate punishment.
In the current world, there is a rising number of individuals who seek out the cure for their health problems by using traditional medicines and treatments instead of trusting the doctors. While alternative medicine has benefits, it also has drawbacks. The following paragraphs will examine whether the use of alternative medicines is a positive or negative development.
There have been growing concerns concerning most businesses that are inclined to be obsessed with considering profitability. However, some people may have claimed that businesses should play a vital role in fostering social responsibilities. Personally, I agree with this suggestion since businesses influence consumers' choices which are related to social issues.
Some people claim that instead of teaching music classes in schools, more important subjects like computer programming and mathematics should be prioritized. It is my contention that recreational subjects like music are equally important and, thereby, should be included in school curriculums so as to replenish students' energy.
It is considered that painting and drawing play a pivotal role in children's growth and should be a compulsory subject, while the others consider that amount of time learning such of those can be spent on Mathematics or English. Personally, this writer holds a belief that this art has a profound improvement on creativity and expression, however, it should not be learned in force because there are differences in the unequal abilities and interests of each individual.
Many museum requires payment from the visitors to enter rather than free. Although having people pay extra fees can be beneficial toward museum income, I believe the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages.
it is true that some students apply to universities far from their homes and are therefore forced to live in another city while others want to be in their homes with their families. in this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living far away from home during university before giving my opinion on the issue.
In this day and age , everywhere is covered with enormous advertisements in diverse cases. Some people consider that advertising is completely beneficial to buying products while others believe the low of people's interest in advertising become prevalent in a common way. I believe personally adverts’ success in appealing to consumers .
Despite the improvements in the field of producing food and farming these days, many societies are still hungry due to the poverty that a great number of people all over the world are facing. To address this problem, using cutting-edge farming machines can be really effective.
It is thought that with the use of recent technology, society become more intimate towards one another, while others believe that it creates a separation. Although it can be said to be the reason some people are too busy with their own world, I believe that it can be utilized to find another person who has the same interest as us
In the cutting-edge society , it is argued that art lessons are crucial for the young to improve themselves in mathematics, physics or chemistry ,that is the reason why it is obligatory for young people to learn the artistic curriculum in schools. The writer completely agrees with this statement due to the benefits of enhancing creativity and imagination and the discovery of talented artistic individuals.
There are many considerations that art courses, where children can improve their personal development through painting and drawing, are in comparison to other subjects of equal value in high schools. This writer disagrees with the statement and will discuss it below.
It is often said that it is more vital to use the money on motorways and wharf, rather than on transportation for the public like trams and railways. This writer believes that it is crucial to improve public shipment rather than the wharf due to the reason of climate and prices, despite who thinks that the motorways can be convenient.
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