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In recent years, the phenomenon of urbanization has led to a significant shift in where doctors choose to practice. While some prefer the fast-paced environment of big city hospitals, others are drawn to the tranquility of rural healthcare settings. From my point of view, each opinion has its own unique appeal.
In our modern age, it is argued that environmental problems can be solved by raising the price of fuel for cars or other means of transportation. However, the writer of this essay does not completely support that idea because the cost will not be effective at the level of issue. Additionally, there are various methods that can be taken to tackle this .
An increase in mobile phone usage has increased sharply in the twenty-first century. Besides making a phone call, mobile phones nowadays are multifunctional devices. From my point of view, cell phones enhance convenience in communication whereas they also disrupt real social interaction among people.
In today’s society, people’s perspectives on education have shown divergence. The question of whether students should choose subjects based on their future benefits rather than their personal interests has become a matter of considerable debate. This essay will explore the advantages of both viewpoints. Moreover, I believe that students in college should opt for subjects that can improve their career prospects.
It has become increasingly common that educating students to become good citizens and workers is more important than benefiting them as individuals. By my reckoning, I completely agree that the principal aim of schools should be turning children into good citizens.
As in any other plant living in the transitional area between the ocean and terrestrial zone, mangroves undergo more dynamic environmental stress as they simultaneously face stress from both zones. For this reason, mangroves were compelled to evolve several adaptation mechanisms, one of which is producing secondary metabolite compounds like flavonoid, phenol, terpenoid, saponin, and tannin. While the aforementioned compounds function as a way for mangroves to cope with environmental detriment, humans can make use of them for pharmaceutical purposes.
It is a common belief that teenagers are better at attitudes from books or movies than studying from real-life acquaintances. However, I firmly believe that the best way to become good at style is by learning and taking experiences from life skills is more beneficial for young individuals.
Today we have plenty of professional arts and sports which are growing day by day. A lot of them have become so popular in recent years. A dispute has arisen on the basis of spending money by the government to support the development of sports and art in school for the students rather than fostering professional sports and art performance. In this essay, we will discuss about it.
several individuals are likely to support or directly help humans who require it in the provincial society. Nevertheless, others would like to donate finances to international and national funds. This writer firmly contends that making a donation to internal and global volunteer organizations can help more people around the world.
Whether a university qualification is a key point for one’s success or not always causes debatable discussion. The writer contends that in order to gain achievements in life, individuals need essential skills and real-life experiences, although many believe that a degree is more important due to comprehensive evaluation in universities.
In this day and age, the phenomenon of lacking houses in the cities is now a debating point. The writer, in light of this, contends that this situation stems from the overcrowding population in the cities and the fast speed of urbanization, especially in the industrial field, yet it can be solved by improving the transport system between rural and urban areas.
Some would argue that it's better to keep the places where you work or live clean. A proper environment may foster creativity and help keep you organized. I agree with this point of view, and this essay will provide supporting arguments.
In modern society, there has been widespread discussion about the effects of social media on community and people and various explanations have been put forward. A number of advocates may strenuously argue that Facebook, Instagram, and other apps have a bad influence on people and the whole society, their adversaries may claim otherwise . Considering the numerous arguments made, this essay will argue the effects of social media and provide evidence to support my opinion.
Several researches showed that the death rate from diseases in underdeveloped countries is alarming, the situation was driven by a lack of access to sufficient medication. I believe this dire situation needs to be addressed with the help of the countries' governments alongside the private sectors, most importantly drug producing companies.
There is a debatable point that taxation revenue is said to be unnecessary to pay for the government. The writer of this essay contends that the income tax serves a valuable purpose in developing healthcare infrastructure along with ensuring social security.
Basic healthcare is a basic human right, but having a free system has both upsides and downsides. This essay will discuss them, including the ideas of how such a system is essential for poorer elements of society and the problems of paying for and maintaining a system like this. Overall, I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Social media has been debated amongst societies because of its negative impacts on individuals. In some aspects, the uncontrollable contents are harmful to people because people are able to share anything. Additionally, it influences societies by setting high standards in many aspects of life. Due to these facts, I wholeheartedly agree that social media such as Facebook and Instagram negatively impact society.
In today’s world, some countries such as China, North Korea, Indonesia and other countries still have extreme penalties as punishment for extremely dangerous people. In this case, there may arise depts about whether it is righteous punishment or not. According to my perspective, I disagree with this point and in this essay, I will give my opinion with some important examples.
Many people hold the view that living in a metropolis is a bad choice for residents' health. While I think that the urban centers are the places with high development in therapy, I disagree with the view that living in cities will have human harmful impact on their health.
Some cultures encourage children to try hard for their dreams to make them true. Although being passionate can make children achieve their goals, it can have some negative impacts on their lives. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits of this belief and draw some conclusions.
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