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Few people are predicting that the usage of flights will be reduced in the upcoming days.In this essay, I shall discuss on the few points to illustrate that this is a very negative development.
Although it is thought by some that movies can now be conveniently watched on mobile gadgets, while others believe that in order to enjoy a movie it has to be seen in a theatre. In my opinion, I believe watching a movie in the cinema is better because it provides one with a great viewing and sound quality.
It is considered by the majority of people that they can achieve happiness through having money. There are reasons why money is significant for people.
Nowadays, some people argue that work and study at the same time can result overwhelmed by the students, obstructing their time for education. In this essay I will explore some of the problems associated with this and suggest some solutions.
The computer technology has made a huge progress over the last few decades. People have different views about whether this would generate a positive or negative effect on people. In my opinion, I am in favour that we should continuously boost scientific development.
Museums and art galleries have long been at the forefront of preserving and representing cultural values and histories, being utilized by almost all countries throughout the centuries. However, whether they should mainly represent traditional and local cultures or display an international collection is open to dispute. I personally believe that traditional museums should focus on outlining the cultural aspects and artworks of the country while having separate museums with items from other c...
The arts and sport play an integral role in providing entertainment. There are those who believe that the government must prioritize allocation of finances to motivate the progression of art and sport for school children than extending support for professional sport and art events for enthusiasts. Although helping professional sports and place or musical events have a benefit, I am of opinion that the country's administration should focus more on encouraging the enhancement of sport and art...
Although it is thought by some that extramural classes should be attended by pupils, others believe that the children should have free periods to play sometimes. In my opinion, I believe children should have leisure time to play as this helps in the relaxation of mind and body.
In today’s society, some recruiters favour candidates who have formal academic qualifications over those with only life experience or good personality traits. This essay will look at some causes of this and I personally believe that this trend is totally negative.
Many senior citizens today are being taken care by retirement homes instead of their families. Elderly people can greatly benefit from this as they can be looked after by professionals and they can have easy access to drugs and medical equipment but there are also disadvantages to consider.
First and foremost, raising children right is the most important responsibility of any parent. Children who are raised right not only have a good life, but also contribute positively towards building a better society. Bringing up our offsprings well would mean not just taking care of their physical and financial needs, in addition means investing time and energy in adhering to their emotional, mental and intellectual needs.
At present, technology is widely used in different areas of our lives. Despite the obvious benefits of the internet, people are of the thought that the challenges regarding controlling and managing information outweigh the merits. In my opinion, I completely disagree that the problems in terms of control and security of information are more than its advantages.
Making money has always been a primary objective of the entrepreneurs and startups, but they seldom realize their social responsibilities towards humanity. While I agree with the argument that earning money is important for any organization to stay alive in the competitive environment, there must be strong emphasis laid on the social aspects of their campaigns as well.
People have different views about whether or not work on school projects with a group. Some believe in teamwork while others don’t. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in detail and provide evidence as to why working with a team is superior.
Air and water quality is decreasing because of both industry and construction in several developing countries, around the globe. Thus, the need of the hour is to combat this problem. Better government policies and judicious usage of recycling methods can help prevent this.
It is obvious that a large number of individuals used majorities of their adulthood in their office, while work pressure is an essential section of adult life. The element that promotes work achievement is high salary job, and also enthusiastic in work is the anticipation of sense of wellbeing for all employees.
Undoubtedly, there are different ways of showing our love to the people around us. Although some people think that giving gifts and presents is a better way to show our affection for our near and dear ones, others opine that there are other effective methods to show that we care and I agree with this. In this essay I shall discuss the different views of the people and also give my opinion in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Although graduating from a decent university provides a good employment opportunity, I believe this is not the only qualification required to secure a good work placement. This essay will discuss why I think a good university degree is necessary, but will also suggest what are the other important skills required in landing a dream job.
I am writing to request for time off from work for 20 days, as I am having Selenium certification exam for five days. It starts from December 15th to December 20th and I need 15 days of study time. Therefore, I need leave from December 1st to December 20th.
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