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Air and water quality is decreasing because of both industry and construction in several developing countries, around the globe. Thus, the need of the hour is to combat this problem. Better government policies and judicious usage of recycling methods can help prevent this.
It is obvious that a large number of individuals used majorities of their adulthood in their office, while work pressure is an essential section of adult life. The element that promotes work achievement is high salary job, and also enthusiastic in work is the anticipation of sense of wellbeing for all employees.
Undoubtedly, there are different ways of showing our love to the people around us. Although some people think that giving gifts and presents is a better way to show our affection for our near and dear ones, others opine that there are other effective methods to show that we care and I agree with this. In this essay I shall discuss the different views of the people and also give my opinion in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Although graduating from a decent university provides a good employment opportunity, I believe this is not the only qualification required to secure a good work placement. This essay will discuss why I think a good university degree is necessary, but will also suggest what are the other important skills required in landing a dream job.
I am writing to request for time off from work for 20 days, as I am having Selenium certification exam for five days. It starts from December 15th to December 20th and I need 15 days of study time. Therefore, I need leave from December 1st to December 20th.
Some people opine that there should be specific punishment for every kind of crime. However, some argue that the reasons behind the committed crime should be considered before making a decision. While I believe that the punishment of a crime depends upon the circumstances in which it has occurred, this essay will discuss both views in the following paragraphs.
The duration of work measures the economical prosperity of a nation. Those countries, where employees indulge in extended working hours are considered to be rich in comparison to the nations that do not follow such exhausting work schedules. I do not concur with the notion at all, as other factors are the primary force to a wealthy nation.
Thanks to the invention of the Internet, online shopping tends to become one of the most prevalent shopping methods in the modern life. In spite of some clear drawbacks, the benefits of buying things on the Internet are undeniable and considered to be more greater.
People nowadays are up to un-healthy lifestyle. Due to this reason there are majority of people who have severe problems related to health and this tendency is increasing as result of overweight. This essay will discuss the issues and suggest solutions to overcome this problem.
Hope you’re doing great. Sorry we haven’t been able to speak since the last time we met, I’ve been very busy with work.
Hope this letter finds you in good health and the best of spirits. I am writing this letter to let you know about my new residence and to invite you over to here.
Nowadays, reading books is an unpopular option as a source of knowledge and leisure. It is considered by some that books are losing its importance. In my opinion, I totally agree because advancement of technology has brought us an easier way to access information and a wide range of free visual entertainment.
Traditional way of learning with the usage of printed books is increasingly being replaced with newer modalities, with the advancement of scientific inventions. While there are obvious advantages with this transition such as the easier accessibility to information, there are also certain downfalls. Both the sides will be discussed further, in this essay.
In the recent times, there has been a huge advancement in the area of science which has helped us know about healthy and unhealthy habits. However, a lot of people ignore the health warning and continue to engage in unhealthy activities.In my essay I will talk about the causes of this behaviour and then will highlight, the steps which should be taken to improve it.
The verdicts of authorities are often debatable. Although some people argue that lawmakers should be choosing the lifestyle of citizens, others lay stress on personal decision making.
In a modern era, Advertisement plays a vital role to promote any product. Few people have a belief that promoting a product via advertisement excites the customers, which cause them to unnecessarily buying those items. Also, others told that it helps consumers to know the features of products which makes life easier for them. In my opinion, I strongly agree that advertisements suggest users about their new item. I will illustrate with probable reasons to elaborate further.
The fundamental duty of the public authority is to ensure that its citizens are provided with all basic facilities such as housing, education and employment However, some people argue that the government should first ensure, that their citizens have been provided with all the facilities before they use public funds to provide aid to poorer countries. In my essay I would share my views on the same.
In recent times, teaching young people about being good citizens has sparked great debates about whether this is the responsibility of their families or school. Although several people say that this is their parents’ task, I believe that school is a better place for educating this.
It is believed by some that hiking the price of fuels, with petrol in particular, will help in curbing vehicular traffic and their subsequent pollution in urban localities. In my opinion, increased fuel prices may prevent people from using vehicles frequently and subsequently, lower traffic issues and vehicle pollution. However, I doubt it will bring any major change to our current situation.
Increasing health problems has been a rising concern across the world. Some of the health problems, mainly raise due to the eating habits and lifestyle of people.Though, some people debate that it is the duty of an individual to reduce the consumption of sugar, whereas, some argue it is the duty of the public body. In my essay I will share both views on this.
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