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Some individuals commented that outside playing is more relevant for youngsters' improvement than playing electronic games. Personally, I strongly agree with the view owing to the fact that outward activities socialize teenagers, on contrary, video games are sources of youngsters' health issues. This essay will shed light on both sides of the matter and provide evidence from the University Zambeze and Oxford University investigations to prove the arguments.
It is undeniable that technological and scientific developments have brought tremendous benefits to people's lives in various ways. However, arts still receive a great deal of attention. This essay will explore some insights and values of arts that a person cannot obtain from science and technology.
Taking a study break after high school and before joining university is very common in some countries. Many people spend their holidays travelling all around or doing full-time jobs. There are many demerits for young people who decide to do this.
Some people prefer to stay in the same company throughout their lives while others think that switching to a variety of companies is the best choice for them . Although I think that staying in one company may have some advantages , I believe that changing the workplace remains more advantageous for employees .
It is often argued that it is more advantageous to choose a job with a high wage even if it doesn’t appeal to you at all. I completely disagree with this opinion and think that jobs comfort is much more important than earnings.
Intrinsically, charitable work is of the clearest manifestations of human’s benevolence towards one another, regularly seen either in the offer of sustenance, financial support, or help to the needy. While a number of people advocate such kindness ought to be unbounded, others claim the contrary, stating that there should be a limitation to it. From my perspective, I voice approval of the latter, in that I believe
Some individuals commented that advancement in technologies straightforward the purchases. Although, others oppose the view. Personally, I agree with the statement owing to the fact that these innovations revolutionized the market. However, it has still some disadvantages. This essay will shed light on both sides of the matter and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Some individuals commented that apprentices should take culinary art as part of their school curriculum. However, others argue that solely the most crucial topics should be taken. Personally, I regard the first view as the most relevant for students mental development owing to the fact that it is the earlier preparation for adult life. Although, it is time-consuming. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
A couple of people thinks that living without technology is easy-going while the involvement of the latest equipment in our life makes it hard. I disagree that simple way is the only solution and this essay will discuss how machinery has made our life easier.
This is true that superstars have more revenue than politicians, so recently this has become a hot debate among people in society. This has diverse reasons and in this essay, I cite the main reasons and explain why this is a positive development.
There is no doubt that being a good member of society is crucial. While some people believe teaching this perspective to children is the parents' responsibility, others argue that it is the school's responsibility. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and propose my opinion.
These days, there is an ever-growing number of product manufacture that brings about environmental problems. In this essay, both causes and feasible solutions will be analyzed.
These days, many believe that governing bodies must plan a budget that will focus on cheaper and faster means of transportation rather than the fuel, economics and environmental issues, which are again the outcomes of accessibility. My essay will discuss both the opinions to a better road-system and I personally strongly support that the cheap means to transport must be given preference.
Nowadays, children are keeping themselves busy with various types of work and are earning money along the way. While some people think it is absolutely unnecessary, others believe that it is an experience for them to gain knowledge or to build a skill which would make them responsible in future. I feel that the children should not work at an early age. I will explain my view with reasons and examples.
Time is money, which ought to be invested wisely. Hence, many people believe in spending some extra hours on their careers rather than socializing with family and friends. I tend to agree with the latter and in the forthcoming ,paragraphs the above proposition will be discussed in detail.
There is no doubt that paying taxes can be difficult for parents that their children in a domestic school to help the government system for learning. Although some people believe that necessary at this time does to pay that money, I would argue that it is an essential stage to develop the education ways.
Recently, since the number of young people who have health problems has increased in some parts of the world, the debate that governments should take a step has risen. I firmly believe that parents and schools have more responsibility for that. In this essay, I explain two main reasons by which obesity could be controlled by parents and schools rather than governments.
It is commonly argued that the primary goal of everyone is to focus on his/her job duties, while, being on good terms with colleagues is not essential. Although I agree that being productive is more important than trying to befriend at work. I think that is advantageous to have a few friends in the workplace.
The media illustrate us images of famous people on a daily basis. Although their lifestyle is often glamorous and enviable, it is not without its potential troubles. This essay will elaborate on the advantages and challenges that fame brings followed by my own take on the matter.
Fame and its impact on the lifestyle of celebrities fascinate many people. Contributing personality stories in newspapers and magazines can potentially lead to selling thousands of newspapers and magazines. In my view, this status has more challenges than advantages for the people concerned.
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