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In this contemporary society, human living standards are improved significantly as well as human rights. However, there remains a controversial topic about whether cyclists and car drivers share the same roads. This outs
It is evident that numerous troubles have been caused when cyclists and car drivers are currently using the same streets. Although sharing the same roads between cyclists and car drivers could lead to one major problem w
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It can be seen that roads nowadays are being used by both cycles and cars and this development has a range of detrimental effects. This essay will argue some biggest problems of this development as well as suggest some s
The population is increasing drastically which is causing a direct impact on livelihood. Roads are full of pedestrians, bikes and motor vehicles. As much as governments are trying to cope with the increasing demand for
In this era of globalisation, due to rapid growth in populations, motorised vehicles and cyclists need to share the same road everyday which contribute to many issues. From my personal point of view, traffic jams and acc
Nowadays, cycling became a modern trend for some people, some of them argue it saves nature by reduce using of fossil fuel by cars and also it is good for health, whereas others think it causes problems because it is not
There is no denying the fact that the main impact of having one road for cars and bicycles is arguable. While it is a commonly held belief that cyclists must have their own way on the road in order to decrease accidents.
Nowadays , it is easily seen that bicycle riders and car drivers share the same route which causes some unease issue . While the problems and solutions will be tackled as well as highlighted in the write-up .
As we know, the cyclist and four wheeler share the same roads which can cause some of the troubles. this essay is an attempt to discuss the cause and the solution of this given notion along with the suitable measure to c
Nowadays it is a norm for bikers to travel on the same roadway along with drivers which means that cyclists have to obey all the same rules in a predictable manner, which has led to a number of undesirable consequences.
Nowadays it is common for riders and drivers to travel on the same road and cyclists have to obey all the same rules, which has led to the high cyclist fatalities rate every year. Fortunately, there are some effective me
Nowadays, it is common for bikers and car drivers to share the same roadway and this has caused a number of undesirable consequences. Thus, some steps can be taken to mitigate unpleasant situations.
In recent years, the population in the countries has risen dramatically, the space is not enough for most of the people to maintain a high quality of living and the harbors are too intense for cyclists and van drivers to
In recent years, the population in the countries has rose dramatically, the space is not enough for most of people to maintain a high quality of living and the roads are too intensity for cyclists and car drivers to driv
Nowadays, the cycle is so popular way to reach a workplace or home. However, cars and bicycles have common roads to drive and it may lead to some troubles. In this essay I will outline several issues and what should be d
It is true that when motorists and cyclists share the same roads, accidents involving these road users are common. While this is a serious issue, there are measures that can be implemented to reduce the dangers. The
In such an ever-going society, transportation plays a pivotal role in residents’ daily life. Nevertheless, there is an interminable issue that cyclists have to share that same road with car drivers. This essay is going t
Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of automobile usage among people either for personal or commercial purposes especially in cities, among these road users are cyclists and car drivers who ply the same route, situati
There have been various concerns over sharing the lanes by both the motorists as well as the bikers. This growing issue needs to be addressed to avoid future casualties and have proper road safety.
Contemporarily, in several countries, bicycle and car users have a tendency to travel on the same avenue. There are galore problems caused by this propensity as well as some achievable contrivances for authorities and ro
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