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Working long hours at the company is the problem that happens in many nations today. There are many reasons for this, such as economic pressure and the heavy workload.
In recent years, the prevalence of long working hours has become increasingly common in some countries. This trend can be attributed to a combination of economic pressures and heightened job demands. I contend that the p
It has been increasingly common for people in several countries to spend the majority of their days at the workplace. In this essay, I will explore some potential reasons behind this trend and explain why it is a negativ
The trend of people spending most of their day working is increasing in some countries. However, there are several reasons that lead to this issue. It brings the passive life style for all people and society.
It is argued that many adults use more than half of a day to deal with works at companies. Certainly, there are a range of reasons and personally, I think it has more detrimental impacts than benefits.
In this modern age, employees have to spend extra hours working in many different countries in the world. There are several reasons for this trend, which is having a significant impact on both family life and communicati
Nowadays, working overtime is increasingly common for employees in many different parts of the world. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon and I believe this brings more harm than good to people.
Many individuals around the universe take a long time through their day working . This can have advantages and on the other side, it may have a bad side .Some people in several countries such as Japan , China and Thailan
It is true that these days, people spend a large amount of time working. There are a number of reasons behind this tendency and it could bring about several consequences in both positive and negative ways.
these days, more and more people have the tendency of spending almost their time at the workplace dues to their heavy workload and the high demand for well-paid salaries. personally, I hold the belief that the merits of
These days, it is common to see that people are giving more time at their workplace. This is due to the fact that they need higher income and more promotion opportunities, and I firmly believe that this phenomenon is neg
As the world is rapidly developing towards new job markets, people have to spend more time with their work, and most employers name it as working overtime. However this is happening because of two main reasons, poor self
No one can deny that all nations will be developed and individuals spend a long point on tasks. The main reason is that now all peoples need too much money for their good lifestyle and they work hard for their dreams. Th
Mostly employees end up working overtime to complete their role and responsibilities. There are multiple reasons, which are responsible for this. In my opinion, it has various disadvantages from both employee and employe
In this fast-moving world, the working style, culture and duration has changed. There are some nations in which individuals are engaged at their work for a long period of time. In this essay we will discuss the reasons f
There is a tendency of working longer hours than usual in some countries in the world. Many reasons can be offered to explain this tendency, but clearly, it has negative impacts on people. I will discuss and analyse both
In these days and ages, people work competitively in order to run their company’s economy, thus, many employees are claimed to take long hours at work. This essay will discuss the reasons for this situation and my opinio
Arguably, in some nations, individuals take several hours at their jobs compared to others. Personally, I believe it is due to the demanding nowadays' work and it is undoubtedly a negative development since it has delete
It is a popular trend that more and more employees take longer to work in some parts of the world. Many people have questioned the motives behind these issues, which exerts several impacts on staff.
In the present age, in a few ,countries individual spends more hours at work.In this essay, I will highlight the major concern of people spending extra hours at work. I think it is a negative development as it not only a
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