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It is reckoned that young citizens are able to define their country’s future, hence, a country ought to invest significantly in its youth. From my aspect, I, 16, strongly agree with the thought.
In this kind of various things going to happen's era, a nation whether is glorious or developing slowly which is depends on the adolescent more. So I definitely totally support a country should put more power and suitabl
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Most people said that the future of a country depends on its young generation, hence it is crucial to prepare the young generation through education and training to develop their skills for the betterment of their nation
It is considered that today's youth are tomorrow's citizens, so the country should invest its wealth in its young people. In my opinion, I agree with this statement as young people will be the future of the country.
Investing more towards the development of the younger population of the country is crucial as the future lies with them, while I completely agree with this statement, it is also important to consider the maturity the vet
The growth of a nation relies on its young generation. Hence, the government should allocate an extensive portion of financial aids . I, agree with the aspect due to certain reasons which will be explicated in this essa
The youth of a nation play a critical role in a country’s future. Thus, the manner in which young people are raised is intrinsically tied to the capabilities of new generations of workers. It is agreed that a country s
Some people argue that a country’s prosperity is decided by youngsters so that they should inherit more benefits. While I agree that the country should focus on young people, it is also necessary to support the other ag
Younger generation is regarded as a driving force for the faith of a nation. As a result, it is often believed that authorities must plough money into the youth. I completely agree with above viewpoint and opine that a c
It is undeniable that the future of any country rely on the young generation of the nation. They play a crucial role in it, however there is an argument that government should allocate much money on next generation. I pa
There is a saying that goes "children are the leaders of tomorrow" Hence, countries are admonished to invest greatly in the young. In my opinion, I strongly agree with having to impact the younger generation and this ess
The youths are the future of any country. Hence, it is pertinent that they spend greatly on them. I emphatically agree to this statement because for a country to progress the youth's need to experience quality education
Some people opine that there should be specific punishment for every kind of crime. However, some argue that the reasons behind the committed crime should be considered before making a decision. While I believe that the
The advancement of a country in the years to come is thought to be dependent on whether its youths are greatly invested in or not. As it is a widely-known fact that this category of people forms a bulk of the productive
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