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In the contemporary era, translating technology has been dramatically changed for last 10 years, becoming faster and more accurate. This change makes some individuals think learning other languages is useless. This essa
In an era marked by technological advancements, the proficiency of computers in swiftly and accurately translating languages has led to the belief that learning foreign languages is an obsolete pursuit. However, I veheme
Allegedly, learning foreign languages are given considerable attention. Many individuals believe languages play a pivotal role in our lives, but other argue that new types of high-tech facilities such as computer transla
According to some, online translation is swift and popular with its accuracy and they consider that learning a new language is a waste of time. While some individuals speculate the first perspective In my opinion, people
Many people feel that, learning foreign language is a waste of time to. I completely disagree with this opinion and think learning languages satisfaction is much more important than computer translate. To explanation, th
Nowadays, many persons using a computer translate faster and actively. Therefore, they are lots of times wasting in the field. This injector very useful and comfortable for people. In my opinion, that idea extremly comfo
There is no denying the fact that learning foreign languages can be a debatable subject. While it is a commonly held belief that some individuals think that computers translate quickly and accurately can replace learning
It is argued that learning a foreign languages is a waste time. It should be to easier to learning some languages. I am complately disgree with this statement. Because translation software advancements make communication
Nowadays, there are more and more applications that can help people translate foreign languages into the languages they know.These applications can not only translate but also be quicker and more accurate. However, some
In today's world, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether learning foreign languages is necessary as computers can translate quickly and accurately. While some argue that it is a waste of time to learn foreign langu
The rapid and accurate translation capabilities of computers could make the process of learning foreign languages unnecessary. I believe that learning languages is still an important skill. Some of my reasons will be exp
Some masses believe that it is not wise to study another language as it can easily be translated by technology. In my opinion, I disagree with this fact as it would lead not only to dependence on the internet but also di
Acquring a new language has became crutial prequisities in the last decades in job and life as well. While some people claim it is just a margin intrest as computers can translate fast and in with no time or effort ,oth
Nowadays, because of technological modernization, translation applications are now very fast and correct. There are some people saying that learning another language is now unnecessary and time-wasting. In my opinion, th
Over the years, the advancement in technology has offered several essential things which are incredibly advantageous for humans. One of the greatest inventions is the computer, which has created a significant impact on s
It is argued that learning a foreign language is not necessary because computer translation is quicker and more accurate. I completely disagree with that statement because the availability of technological devices and s
In the era of extremely fast development of the AI more and more people claim that learning foreign languages is a rather useless activity. However, could computers really effectively substitute humans without loss of ac
Nowadays people benefit from using online translation platforms to communicate with foreigners. Although visitors become capable to meet their needs on trips, it has been proven that some misunderstandings remained. I ag
Recent decades have witnessed an ever-growing number of individuals utilising online translation resources to communicate with people who speak other languages. While some individuals reckon learning other languages is
As a result of high technology, people be able to understand foreign languages without studying. Some people considered learning new languages a waste of time. In my opinion, I believe that learning new languages could b
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