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Globalization is inevitable these days. The boundary of countries is disappearing so customers can easily purchase foreign produces in their own countries. Although this trend could be detrimental to some local brands' development especially in some developing countries, it can significantly help people to reduce their living costs and improve their life quality. In my opinion, the positive points of this surpass the negative aspects.
There is no doubt that due to globalisation, the whole world has became a global village and it made possible for people to have any item from every corner of the world. In my opinion, it is a postive development due to the easy avialability of products, economic growth and easy for workers and student to adjust themselves in other countries.
Nowadays, people can buy the same products anywhere around the globe. Therefore, it seems that countries are becoming more and more similar. While some people may believe this as a positive effect, I think otherwise.
In the recent years, thanks to the development of global trade, consumers have many opportunities to buy similar products from different nations around the world. In my opinion, this development bring out positive and negative effects which will be discussed below.
The idea that the world has now turned towards a global village, is a fact that cannot be disputed. This can be seen in the similarities that exists amongst nations. Consequently, people from different nationalities can now purchase the same products anywhere around the globe. Due to the fact that this trend will reduce the gap between the rich and poor country, and force the local manufacturers to produce high quality goods and cure the homesick migrants often feel. I therefore think that this is a positive development, and this essay will discuss that.
It is believed that the phenomenon of purchasing same products anywhere in different parts of the world leads to the similar between nations. In my opinion, this trend has its own benefits and difficulties for the improvement of countries
In this mordern era, everything so accessiable around the globe so individuals could purchase it same product from anywhere, because of this nations are fetching similear to each other. This essay will substantiate my views in the following paragraph with the relevant examples.
Countries all around the world are becoming no different from each other due to the opportunity of purchasing the same production anywhere. I am in two minds about this topic. It is definitely easier to buy some things, but cultural diversity could be lost.
Globalization contributes to the spread of several types of goods around the globe, and as a result, all nations have looked like each other. In long term, I believe this situation has more negative impacts than positive ones and I will explain the reasons.
It is true that the globalization has made the world a global village and the countries are lot more similar than ever before. These days, people can have the same items from any part of the world, use same technologies, construct similar buildings, buy costumes of international brands and develop infrastructure which are built and designed by international companies. A number of factors have led to this situation, and, this trend, in my opinion, is greatly desirable due to various reasons.
These days the same products are available everywhere and hence countries and nations have started resembling one another. In my opinion, there are both negative and positive developments due to the flowing paragraphs.
As a consequence of globalization, nations have more chances to trade/interact with each other, and have minimal differences. I think, although it is a valubale change, but we must acknowledge the impact it will have on cultural diversity of the countires.
In the salad days of millenium, plethora of amenities are available in today's world about products. Nowadays we can buy any thing from any where .As well as I think that it can be have some negative points in compared to positive development . So I'm going to enlighten my view in the ensuring pieces of writing.
Nowadays, due to the globalization, people can buy many similar products around the world. Personally, I believe that there are both pros and cons about this development.
Nowadays, it is easy to find cherries from the USA or oranges imported from Southern India in Vietnamese supermarkets due to globalization. Some people argue that countries are becoming more similar as the result of the abilities in worldwide trade is a positive change while others support the opposite. In my opinion, globalization has both pros and cons. It promotes the world economy, but it also lead to the loss of local cultures.
In this contemporary world, despite the geographical boundaries, nations have become identical especially in goods and services industry. In my opinion, this trend has brought up many negative impacts, among which lose of cultural identity and traditional businesses are detriment.
The process in which people, ideas, technology and goods spread throughout the world in order to develop more interaction between the world’s cultures, governments, and economies is called globalization. In my opinion, globalization is playing a beneficial role in the development of the whole world. (44)
Today in this world, many people are attracted towards online purchasing and they have a variety of selection to buy what they really needed. Whilst the many manufactures are doing their productions as a bulk and try to distribute to the world with their retailers and via online stores. But the argument arises, when the similar products are available in the market and then people tend to consume the similar products in their daily life. I strongly believe that, it will not a huge problem for the community, though the manufactures has to consider this when trying to move ahead their businesses.
The given bar charts illustrate information about the further steps of the UK’s graduate and postgraduate students who did not prefer full-time job after graduating from the university in 2008. Overall, it can be seen that the majority of both graduate and postgraduate students gave their preference to the further study, whereas those who preferred voluntary work made up an insignificant part compared with other categories.
It is believed by people that due to the availability of products everywhere in the world, it has made countries the same. I think the positive of this development outweigh the negative.The reason for these good developments is two-fold; globalization and high product demand.
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