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Some people debate that locally produced food items should be solely relied upon to boost local economy of a region as well as to protect the environment as compared to food brought from far flung areas. Personally, I agree with this approach partially. Although the benefits to rely on indigenously produced items are many, but viable options to fulfill the needs of masses for some regions become limited by this approach.
Corruption is the one of the main reasons for the poverty. Even though some countries are financially funded, they cannot meet at least the basic requirements of the citizens due to corruptions. Secondly, gradually, there is a dependency would develop over the time if a country has been financially supported for a long period of time. A recent study, which has shown that most of the countries which receive aid do not develop as thought it would be. By contrast, those who are receiving technical assistances and teaching institutions, advanced dramatically as these help them to make a model which is suitable for development of their countries’ need.
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