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Can we imagine the world without art? But nowadays society tends to show enormous interest in science and technology. Money is one of the reasons, as art as a profession earns less than other fields. There are feasible reasons for this and this essay will discuss the possible ways to attract the crowd towards art.
Due to the industrial development around the world, people are likely to pay great attention to science, technology and business instead of considering art-an important roles in society. Personally, there are four main reasons leading to this issue.
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Although, for the last century, art has played an important role in cultures around the world, these days, people’s attitude to the art has changed. This is because they are inclined to believe scientific and technological development and business are more essential compare to art. This essay will examine the main causes of this change and possible solutions to this problem.
In this modern era, people have to live better advancement automation and system rather than arts-based, before the invention of technology art has been thought an underrated aspect of to around the world. But, these days, is totally changed, no one focus on art and technique. This essay discusses, what are the reasons for this situation, how can be done to will create more consideration for art for the following reasons.
For years art had been viewed as an integral component that demonstrates cultural believes but recently people are taking a fresh look at it. Nowadays, the industry is being located above this talent. A great number of rationales are being suggested for this phenomenon. I will discuss three of them in this essay that is proceeding by two suggestions for surviving the art.
As time goes by, it is considered that the general stressed values should be practical such as science rather than arts by some people. Though it is understandable their point of view in some ways, aesthetic values still should not be neglected considering crucial factors to human beings.
Art is a self-driven skill that is built from inside the person and is born by nature but not by someone's promptness or suggestions. It is an inbuilt talent hidden in an individual and will come out after proper nurturing or exhibiting the such. Inecome a recent World, this is not much preferred as an essential tool but only as a side activity for time pass tool. Nevertheless, it has become an entertainment or passion rather than a compulsory path to livelihood.
Science and technologies are dramatically grown in recent years. Where as art is the major essential entertainment source for many people who lived in past decades. In this essay we can see reasons and how to bring people’s attraction towards arts.
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The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They elevate us and inspire us to engage in our creative side, build communities, and foster freedom of expression. The arts have a long history and have been an integral part of all cultures throughout the globe. Over the years, however, there was a massive shift that took place with the advent of science and technology and with that, the arts, somehow lost its charm and relevance. Given the accelerating pace of modernisation, will the arts, possibly diminish from our society? Through this essay, I intend to delve deeper into the reasons behind this change and will present possible suggestions to attract people to indulge in the arts again.
Art has been regarded as a vital part of the civilization for a long time. However, these days, science, technology and business sectors have taken its place due to change in our utilities. This essay shall explore the reasons behind this trend and propose measures to divert the attention towards art.
From the ancient time art has been playing a key role in our life.Nevertheless,in this modren era importance of a person's life have changed and people emphasize science,technology and business.In this will discuss, why is this occurs and what are the reasons,thus will lead to logical conclusion.
Art is considered as a vital share of many cultures around the globe for many years but in current time's people's mindset has been altered and they consider technology, science and business more valuable than arts. This essay will evaluate reason for this and gives solution to overcome this scenario.
The primary reason why the position of art has been taken over by other fields that is rently it is considered as an old form of entertainment. However, due to the modern advancement, many innovative business firms, which incorporate science and technology to form a new type of entertainment, which is obviously, much interesting than the traditional one. Additionally, common people think that this art is designed for the elited class of the society. For example, in kerala, Kadakali, a traditional dance form which is inetrnationally famous but it is hardly staged where locals live.
There is no doubt that arts have taken the back-seat. Although it is considered as a valuable thing globally, mankind gives much importance to the development of science, technology and business, Main reason for this is that this subject is thought to be difficult , but this concept may be changed if implement a set of change.
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Certainly, the attraction towards arts is reducing day by day, because of terrific profits possibilities from science and technology. There can be many other causes for this transition. Let us ponder some thoughts on this topic in this essay, along with suggestions to bring back the curiosity to arts for human being.
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