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These days, the government spends a large proportion of its budget not only on education, healthcare and other public services but also on arts. Although I believe that it is essential to spend money on public services, I do not think that investments in art are waste of money.
Easthetic performances hardly get funds for the survival. Though a lack on money for the theatre exists, lion's portion of the population thinks the state should spend on public service improvements, instead of arts. This opinion cannot be accepted as art is indeed a becomes a service through the happy moments it can give to people.
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According to many people, the investment in art like music and theatre are nothing but causes of money. They believe that this money can be utilized to fulfill the increasing demand for public services like hospitals and schools. I agree with this statement to some extent. This essay will emphasize on the reasons why both are important to our society.
It is irrefutable that funding of the entertainment industry by the government is as crucial as investment in public services. I agree that these two serves different purposes and are beneficial to the citizens of society and require government funding.
Some people think that investment by the government in arts, like music as well as theatre is a wastage of money and that they should invest money in public services rather than arts.
A common debate in today's society is wheter governments should invest moneys in the arts, building theatres and museums and and organizing events, or not. I am of the opinion that if a country has the economic possibilities it should definitely invest some moneys on the arts. It's a different situation if it's still a developing country without basic services.
It is true that the governments around the world spend some resources on the objects of art, such as the theatres and conservatories. Many people consider it as a waste of money, arguing that the authorities should allocate those resources to the public sector. In my opinion, this argument is completely wrong and the arts should be financed even more than now.
In the past decade, our science and technology in the fields of cloning of human beings has grown substantially. Earlier it seemed quite impossible for us to imagine getting spare parts of cloned humans, but now it has become a reality. I personally believe, this modern science can help our society live longer than ever, but it would ultimately prove to be a nightmare for mankind.
It is an undeniable fact that, the government must invest taxes in a useful way. Some people believe that, utilizing this money on recreational activities like music and theatre is the best idea. However, I would argue that the development of public services must be the top priority of a government.
As a part of the government’s fund is from the citizens of the nation who pay taxes, there is a need to understand the rudiments of good spending and bad spending. Although investments done in the arts may depict the culture of a country to some extent, I opine that the regime should focus on common people’s welfare.
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Country's development relies on who conducts the realm and it can be any sector. Ministry can spend wealth on the arts.However, by utilising more pay on public services people can get profound benefits. My writing supports that investment in the arts is not necessary for every individual and it would be better, if the government uses property according to public demand. This essay will describe why the fund is useful for public services such as education and sports retain a grateful effect to the nation's development.
Views often differ on whether or not the arts involving musical and theatrical entertainments should be the ones which advisably and worthily take advantage of funds available from the government coffers instead of community services such as education and health care. Personally, I absolutely concur with the conception of investing in artistic projects for some rational reasons.
When it comes to the issue of whether governments should invest money on public services and facilities except for the arts, although this doest not prove to be too new a topic, but the one still worth taking into account. Personally, I partly disagree with the previous idea, for I belive that spending money on public services and facilies and investing money on the arts are equally considerable.
Investment from authority is considered as an essential marker for any kind of development in a country, but whether the endowment should be allocated in the service sector or should not be used in music and theatre, is a matter of discussion. I believe that investing money on both sides is essential.
In recent years, the purpose of government spending has always been a controversial issue. It is often believed that the government funding in the arts, like music and cinema, is futile, while others think that it should spend the capital for the citizen's welfare. I completely agree that the political power in force 0should fund the public services rather than art. This essay will discuss why spending money on people's services will be advantageous.
Cultural diversity is extremely significant in the current world. This teaches people how to become more tolerant towards other people’s beliefs and religions. Variety is very important, which make the world interesting. These differences bring about new innovations and discovery that assist the mankind to develop in an advanced manner.
At present, most government spend some part of their budget on not ont public services, but also the arts, such as, music and theatre. In my opinion, although a proportion of government spending should be channeled towards this sector, however, most should be spent on public services.
Although all public services are equally sponsored by governments, people claim that investment in the cultural trends as music and theatre is a waste of money. I completely disagree with the current idea and the reasons will be explained in the following paragraphs as I believe that art creates the ethnicity of a the particular nation.
Most of the Countries spend money to support different art forms.However, some people find it as wastage of money; they rather want it to be invested in public services.Certainly, I do not agree with this idea and this essay will further discuss about it.
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It is argued by some that the government should utilise funds in betterment of public services rather than spending on arts and recreation, while others feel it is right to invest in the latter. I disagree with the notion and this essay will highlight the reasons for my opinion and support it with relevant examples.
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