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It is said that governments should prioritize investing in train rail rather than highways. To come up with this, I think focusing on public transportation systems will be a good idea since they affect humanity in a posi
Many believe that the government should allocate more money on building railways rather than roads. I unequivocally agree with this statement for two reasons. The first reason is that building public transport and promot
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The money spent by governments on roads would be better allocated to railways. I completely agree with this point of view because railways are more environmentally-friendly and also safer than roads.
Nowadays the states tend to contribute more money to road development rather than the rail my view ,such a system would only harm humanity's lives and the government's budget respectively.
In recent years, a debate regarding investing money and other resources in different ways of transportation has emerged as one of the most contemporary controversies, in particular, some believe that the governors and r
Increasing pollution leading to environmental degradation is one of the most pressing issues we encounter in this modern era. while others opine that the government must invest more in rails than in roads, people also su
Some authorities believe that we need more expenditure on rail lines than other roads and also claim that these types of roads can unravel our traffic issues. Although I agree with them, also I think that governments hav
an arising issue which is global warming has made people more aware in seeking alternatives of transportation, especially public trains. Thus, people argue whether or not the government should invest more money in railwa
The Public transportation sector is a part of any government budget. Some believe that the rail and not the road should benefit from public funding. This essay will discuss why I partially agree as i believe that, a bala
With the development of modern transportation, people think that countries should invest more bills in rail lines instead of highways and ridings. My view is that I partially agree with this opinion, and governments shou
Governing bodies should invest more in rails instead of roadways. I partially agree with this statement. This essay will substantiate my opinion in the following paragraphs with relevant examples.
In recent years the topic of allocating money for the construction of railways and roads has become significant. Governments prefer to spend this budget on roadways, while many people believe that a wiser decision is inv
‏In this contemporary era ,means of transportation have been developed while a multitude of folks including me believe that governors should be improved the railway system, another group share the view that Authorities s
The governments are said to should expend more money on railways rather than roads. I totally agree with this statement owing to some compelling reasons, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. To begin w
In recent years, transportation has become a significant concern for the government. Some people argue that the government should invest more in building and maintaining railway systems rather than spending funds to impr
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Many populations think that governments should develop public transportation more than infrastructure. This essay agrees with this statement because they are environmentally friendly and they can increase economic growt
There are many public facilities that government should spend money on like roads , railways , parks and sports centres etc. It is undeniable that some people think the government should invest in railways to make the po
The modernization of society has resulted in increased traffic on roadways. Some people believe that the government should invest more money in building the railway line than constructing new streets. This essay will
In some countries around the globe, governments spend a huge amount of money on building railways instead of roads. I completely disagree with this statement and believe that these funds should be allocated on roads.
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