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It is true that the younger generation does not eat and live the same way as the older ones do. While the shift has aroused concerns about its harmful impacts, there is a positive side that should be acknowledged.
Some countries and governments nowadays, the junk food became routine and habits in our life of people in particular children are different from those of improve generations. To begin, as we can observe that in modern da
It is thought by some people that eating habits and lifestyle in these modern days bring the negative effects on children's health more than in the past. In this essay, this matter will be discussed before reaching my op
In today's modernized era, the type of food have been changed over time and definitely what the offspring eat now are not as some as what their parents had.However, this leads us to pose a pivotal question, deos this phe
In contemporary society, the way of eating habits have changed significantly compared to the past, and others indicate that it has some consequences on their body as well as health. In my humble opinion, I totally co
Food is the major source of energy for humans that can improve physicals and provide health benefits. It is undeniable that food has a crucial impact on the life and behavior of many people. For example, many people enjo
It is an undeniable fact that food habits and lifestyle have changed from the previous generations. I agree with this statement completely since people eating fast food and using mobile and computers.
In today’s advanced society, gen z or children have a lifestyle of eating foods more than previous generations. One of the most important attentions is some views show that hobbies make bad effects for children’s health,
Compared to previous generations, it is evident that the habits of food consumption and lifestyles of contemporary children has changed significantly. Consequently, there is a growing concern that these changes might bri
There is no doubt that in numerous countries the eating habits and lifestyles of young generations are different of past generations. It seems to some people that this has had a negative result on their bodies.
In contemporary society, there is a discernible shift in the eating habits and lifestyle of children compared to those of previous generations. This transformation has sparked a debate about its impact on children's heal
An number of young individuals experiencing diseases that were previously more common among elder people. I'm inclined to agree that there are negative influences on young ones' health, which have caused due to poor diet
There is an ongoing discussion among specialists about whether the rapid change in the content and way of having food has had deleterious consequences on today's age groups or not. I am a staunch believer that meals now
I think this is correct, because many children in different countries eat junk food, like hamburgers, chicken, pizza, etc., they also drink soda or sugary drinks.
Food is a basic need of human throughout their existence but in this day and age, the eating habits of the public has been changing due to the latest innovation. People prefer to eat fast snack and spicy instead of heal
Nowadays the offspring in many countries usually have a different eating habit and their own lifestyle from those who lived in the former generations and this causes a lot of drawbacks to their health. According to this
It has recently been suggested that the way children eat and live nowadays has led to a deterioration in their health. I entirely agree with this view, and believe that this alarming situation has come about for sever
Children are the torchbearers of tomorrow.They form the foundation of the world in the upcoming era. It is a famous saying "We are what we eat". Food and lifestyle are the most important components that determine well be
For multiple decades, the way of living and the food consumption of children have considerably changed compared to the previous years. The general public assumes that the current lifestyle of young people will have an im
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