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With the increase in population, industrialization and construction is also increasing rapidly, resulting in polluting water and air. Extreme measures should be taken quickly to stop this.
The last few decades have seen enormous changes in a way people’s lives are affected by the quality of air and water. This has caused many health-related problems. In this essay I will discuss problems associated with this pollution, and offer some measures to tackle with this issue.
Water is one of the important resource. Every living creature needs quality water for its survival. But the declining water quality has become one of the major problem among developing countries.
Both air and water quality are getting worse in plenty of developing countries due to factories plants and construction sites. In order to mitigate this problem possible solutions are investments in clean energy and more rigorous inspections by the government on both industry and construction sectors.
With the tremendous growth of manufacturing industries and increasing infrastructure development, the overall air and water quality of developing countries has diminished due to the waste they produce. This essay first describes the environmental problems due to economy followed by the steps that can be taken to prevent this.
In various growing nations, there seems to be an issue with the decreasing quality of air and water due to construction and industry works. In this essay I will highlight the possible methods to adopt in order to prevent this problem from happening.
Quality of water and fresh air is a grave concern for any developing country. The industrial and construction businesses are major stakeholders and a part of the problem. Water is a main raw material for various industrial and construction processes. Therefore, its adequate disposal is detrimental to the quality of water we get. Similarly, these processes emit harmful gases into the atmosphere that directly affects the quality of air we breathe. Strong measures need to be taken to overcome these concerns.
The burgeoning decline in the quality of air and water due to industrial activities and on going constructions, have attracted the attention of most of the governments of developing nations. This essay will discuss the preventive measures which could be incorporated, to mitigate the current scenario.
Construction and manufacturing are considered as booming industries today in developing nations. Also, along with this rapid growth, air and water pollution is increasing in speed. However, this could be controlled by opting efficient technology and methods and implementing strict rules.
In the period of capitalism, the most enormous movements of industrialization and development of several constructions in many developing countries have been playing a highly responsible role to harm our environment- specially evaporating air and polluting water in an immense level. This is going to highlight on such initiatives that we can take to resolve this problem.
There is no doubt that industries and constructions are one of the major contributors to air pollution. Today, many developing nations are suffering from air and water pollution caused by industries and construction . This essay is going to discuss the solutions for this problem and support them with relevant examples.
There is no doubt that industries and constructions are one of the major contributors to pollution. Today, many developing nations are suffering from air and water pollution caused factories and constructions. This essay is going to discuss the solutions for this problem and support them with relevant examples.
Industries and building sector have led to a growing issue with the decline in the quality of air and water in a lot of developing nations. These challenges can be solved by enacting and implementing laws and focusing on sources of energy that do not harm the atmosphere, but, still provide energy to power our economies.
Several countries, which are not yet developed, are facing a lingering issue of deteriorating air and water quality because of the pollutants emitted by thousands of factories and the sites constructing new buildings. The governments of those countries should take few immediate steps against this such as stricter law and more awareness programs.
Industrialisation and urbanization have caused drastic environmental pollution to countries in the global south, which may ultimately cause potential health issues to people living in polluted regions. In order to tackle this, the authority has to impose more environmental regulations to restrict economic activities as well as encourage people to produce in a greener fashion.
Following or even in the introduction (especially if the word limit is small) you want to do a summary of other people’s conclusions to this question. This is called a literary review. It does not have to be a long summary, but it needs to show you’ve engaged with the argument beyond your own opinion and you have understood the different points of view from other scholars. It is very important that you engage with genuine scholars in this. Do not just use the web or blogs or Wiki (another article is coming on how to use Wikipedia). Make sure the people you review are properly certified in their field, ideally with published work and a PhD in that area. This section must be well referenced with accurate footnotes and page numbers showing that you have actually looked up these scholars yourself. In a longer thesis the literary review will need to be extensive. In my MPhil my Literary Review was close to 25,000 words. In a short essay you may only be able to use 100-200 words.
The most indispensable elements that are required for every existing life form is air and water. These sources of natural resources get contaminated due to various types of industries and construction. In this essay, I will list down two major causes which lead such situations and provide relevant solutions from my point of view.
Water and air pollution have become important issues for many growing countries as a result of fast industrialization and the building sector. This essay will look at the reasons for this and propose some solutions.
Clean air and drinking water are essential commodities for survival. However, most third-world countries, as a result of industrialization and building activities, are dealing with high level of pollution. It is crucial for authorities to solve this phenomenon because fresh air and water are integral for health and safety of the citizens. Appropriate level of air and water can be maintained by proper restrictions as well as spreading awareness to the people in charge.
In the industrialization and construction period, many developing countries face issues with water and air pollution. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative consequences of this trend, solutions can be taken to mitigate these potential problems.
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