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One of the main themes today is about supporting old people by health care services.Now our society thinks how government can ensure elderly men and women to care their health, but their number increases every day and th
Nowadays people are getting older briskly which results in to incline in public healthcare expenditure.Some people opine that these expenses should be paid by the country's citizens in future. I believe citizens are an a
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There is growing sentiment today that the government should pay the fee for elderly people when they use healthcare services. The reason for this opinion related to the proportion of elderly people is increasing rapidly
in several countries, people still struggled with medication bills. as people know healthcare is expensive ,however, people can maintain their health by preventing diseases. nevertheless, government health funding is lim
It is true that people are getting older earlier due to poor weather conditions, climate change, unbearable stress and some severe illnesses. Undoubtfully it may affect the budget of the medical system. So some individua
Even though it goes prevent eailier always good thing, peosonally I disagree for nation's population pay for their healthcare in the future. Here is some reasons.
It is true that the population in many countries nowadays is ageing at an astounding pace, which imposes financial burdens on national healthcare systems. Therefore, some suggest that individuals should be responsible fo
It is true that in many countries, the problem of an ageing population has led to an increase in medical costs. Because of this trend, some argue that people living in such countries should pay for healthcare expenses fr
Nowadays our society becomes older every year which causes some tension in the healthcare system. Basically, most of us go along with the idea that it is our common problem and we should work on solving it together. I co
With modernisation, advanced techniques in the health sector enhance the life expectancy of the population which leads to an increased ageing society. Most countries provide well-being facilities for free through taxes
It is a fact that nowadays people get older in the early stage of their life due to severe illness or any medical conditions, which may affect the budget of the healthcare system. But I fully disagree with this notion th
It is true that old residents of different communities have increased incredibly which may affect the cost of the healthcare system in the country. But, as we all know that in all the countries there are lots of people w
In today's world, owning an increasing number of older people has put heavy pressure on public finances, therefore, the community ought to pay for medical treatments to tackle this problem on their own in the future. Fro
Nowadays, people's ageing has been altered to be a crucial issue for societies that can lead to unbearable hygienic expenses for the governments in the near future. Yet, there remains a contentious debate as to whether t
The life expectancy of a human is longer and keeps increasing these days, as a result, governments may no longer affordable to the public healthcare expenditure. Some people think that citizens should take responsibility
It is undeniable that the proportion of the age of residents is changing dramatically over the decades, which means the government have to spend more money to develop healthcare. I think that this issue must be a governm
In several societies across the globe, the community is rapidly ageing which is leading to a heightened escalation in the finances of the public healthcare sector. People in manifold believe that they should pay for thei
Population ageing is one of the prominent issues in many countries in the world. It is argued whether the resident ought to pay for their health insurance in the future on their own. I am of the opinion that the state s
The Healthcare system is the foundation that works to provide public health services for the citizens in each country. Public healthcare defers among countries; some countries provide free health care for their citizens.
Population ageing is one of the prominent issues in many countries in the world. It is argued whether the resident ought to pay for their health insurance in the future on their own. I am of the opinion that we should pa
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