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In previous times, it was gruesome to go shopping but these days, majority of people take it as pleasurable. Although this is great as one derives happiness while shopping, others think that it's a waste of time and tas
Undoubtedly, shopping has morphed into a hobby in the past 10 years. Some believe that retail therapy is a way to help people release dopamine and get pleasure hormones. From my perspective, I strongly feel that shopping
The consumption behaviour has shifted lately. Whereas shopping in the past was considered an activity included in our daily lives, today it is seen as a leisure task. Although this can certainly be beneficial, I express
Shopping habits have been changing as there are many opportunities for individuals to buy different products. From our last generation to kids these days, people have fundamentally different purposes for their purchases.
With the development of science and technology, people nowadays have a lot of approaches to satisfied themself, such as traveling, shopping, sailing, and so on. It is often suggested that more and more people like to con
Shopping used to be a routine domestic activity but it is counted as an entertainment by many people nowadays. In fact, it is a positive trend in this busy modern life because prevent people from staying at home and thin
In the last 20 years the budget families spend in retail markets has considerably increased around the world. This could be seen as a result that some people do not consider shopping as a domestic task anymore, in fact,
Nowadays shopping is classified as a hobby instead of a routine task. Which is true and have a variety of benefit to local stores and the country's economy. In my perspective, I think it is one of the best hobbies unles
As can be seen, shopping was a daily domestic thing in the past. However, many people think that shopping is a kind of hobby. I strongly agree that considering shopping as a hobby is a positive trend. The reasons will be
In the past, shopping was a part of home chores. However, in the recent times people consider it as a leisure time activity. For me, this change in attitude towards going for purchase has the descending trend mainly for
In recent years, the change in spending capital to buy community's needs has occurred dramatically. As a result, it always will be a controversial topic whether it is a bad or positive trend relating to the shopping habi
The whole people more than prefer to shopping about anything because they like going outside and buying important stuff .I consider that in the old life shopping was a continue work but present year crowd a normal job a
In former times, shopping used to be an everyday household chore in which individuals bought essential items only when necessary. However, it is noticeable that many individuals view it as a leisure activity these days
Nowadays, the concept of shopping has been altered significantly to be an inseparable part of our lives. Yet, there remains a controversial debate as to whether it is just a daily habit to fulfil our needs or it can be i
In previous decades, purchasing groceries was considered a compulsory task that helped maintain the daily activity of every household. However, some thinkers assume that shopping nowadays is a kind of leisure activity. I
Recently, the purpose of shopping changes from a routine domestic task to a hobby. It is widely accepted that this offers many benefits. However, shopping as a hobby can also have many drawbacks. This essay will consider
Shopping has always been important activity for a household. In medieval times, shopping used to be on barter system. Due to advancement in modern society, shopping has been done in exchange of money. Since many people h
In recent times shopping has become more of a pastime, whereas it was previously considered as a duty by most people. I do believe that this transformation has its benefits, even though there are downfalls to it too.
It is true that shopping is now being considered more of a leisure activity than in past. This approach is definitely affecting negatively to the present generations has they are loosing the realisation of money value a
A few decades ago, purchasing was a part of household work but these days , a number of individuals claim it as a leisure activity. In my perspective, it is a negative development as it has various detrimental effects on
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