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People seem to have contradictory views regarding whether talents can be developed through nurture. I believe that the former point of view is more convincing and applicable in most contexts.
A commonly held belief is that some people are born with significant talents like problem solving skills, music, sport, logic et cetera. But, it is often asserts that any child can be taugh to become certain person with
The development of children depends on many factors including parents, school education, extra-curirculum training and so forth. Whether a successful athelet or an artisit can be trained or they can only stand out from g
It is an undeniable fact that people have been arguing for centuries about the nature of human talents. Some believe that the newborn is given birth with some kinds of talent and just waiting to be discovered, while othe
Some people argue that some entertainers are born with their talents and others believe that talented people can be developed through effort. Both views will be discussed, but I opine the former view is more convincing.
In this contemporary epoch, a part of society believes that people are born with talent while others say that teenagers can be made talented at a young age. This conversation has sparked controversy, with both advocates
Some people think that few child are born with certain talents while other believe that some kids do not born with certain talents such as game, art, music etc. This eassay will discuss both views and further give relava
It is generally considered that a group of citizens have special talents that they were born with , such as music and sport, and others are not able to achieve these talents, meanwhile, several times occurred that any yo
Being born talented has always been a controversial issue. In some people's opinion children are born with special talents cannot learn them if they were not gifted. While others belive that all skills are learnable and
It is generally believed that people are born with certain talents, but it is sometimes said that any child can be taught to be a good specialist. In my opinion, both points of view are correct, but if you want to be suc
There is a general belief that some people are talented by born such as in the field of music and sport and others are not. On the contrary, it is established by some people that any child can become a musician or sport
It is comman belive that some persons are having some talents by birth, and they can do well in fields like music, and sports but many people has no natural talents. On the other hand many people says that all childrens
Some believe that talent is a natural gift, whilst others have a different opinion since they think that any person can become an excellent achiever by guidance, dedication, and hard work. In this essay, both above-menti
In our rapidly developing and changing contemporary world, part of the society thinks that people are able to born with assured skills,as an example in sport or music. However, sometimes any child reach their skills by p
The question of whether we should invest in musically or athletically gifted children or not has been preoccupied with both parents and educational officials. I, however, believe in teaching talented children rather than
it is generally known that certain individuals are gifted with inherited abilities in fields such as music and sport while orthes are not. in contrary , this idea challenged with the fact that any child could learn to
There are contrasting views that some children have an inborn talent for example for sport or music, while others feel that any children is able to develope such these skills by learning regardless of being gifted or not
There are majority of public who think that people who are talented can gain successful hills more than people who have not while others believe that any person can obtain even more success than talented humans of they d
Some argue that when individuals have innate talents since they were born while others believe that people can learn certain talents and become expert in it. Although it is not uncommon that in a family, the members have
Some people argue about the innate talent that individuals have for sports or music as an example, meanwhile others do not. Either way, it is a fact that becoming a sport or musician can be achieved through discipline an
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