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In recent years, there has been a profound increase in the number of individuals questioning the amount of money spent on preparing athletes for international competitions. On the one hand, many people believe that this
Nowadays, the way city planners design the areas of the living for general public has been a prevailing concern for many countries. I completely believe that is national to assign individual areas for each section like f
In contemporary society, there is a significant debate regarding the allocation of funds in sports development. While some argue for prioritizing investment in training professional athletes for major events like the Oly
International sports events for some countries are important and need full financial support from the government. Is it worth doing that? Some people argue that spending money on preparing younger for international sport
In this modern era, sports become popular among people and people spend a lot of their money on this. So, encouraging children to get into sports at an early age would be beneficial for their country. I will discuss th
According to some, investing a good amount of money to motivate children for taking part in sports from a very early age would be a better option then spending heaps of money preparing competitors for international games
It is important to consider how to use money to develop countries' career of sports. Some people believe there must be some necessity spending money on preparing for vital competitions, while others argue that it must be
In today's society, several countries have invested a lot to train athletes for some major competitions, such as the Olympic Games and the football World Cup. However, some people hold the belief that this revenue should
The idea that countries spend too much money preparing sportsmen for major events and should instead use this funding to promote sports to kids is one I do not agree with.
Even tho, nations tend to spend a lot of money to encourage athletes to participate in international competitions, such as the Olympic or Olympics or the World Cup, I strongly disagree with the statement, that suggests
Bill plays an important role in any event that we want to take up, and that's why more and more countries keep the budget for competitors in the Olympics to the fullest. I go with those countries in offering an amount t
In a global society, many nations are competing to set the upper-ranked records in sports competitions of the top level such as the Olympics or the World Cup. While some people contend that only providing prospective you
A lot of cash is invested by most countries to prepare their competing citizens to join the World Cup or Olympics competition therefore ,some people are of the opinion that children should be motivated to exercise more b
Nowadays many countries are interest in investing in sport industry. Because of the popular sports program like the Olympics and the World Cup. There have many policies and money supports to build young athletes to compe
Nowadays, citizens pay more attention on sports and would like to enhance their health. Whether should government spend money on the player for the international competitions or should spend on strengthen youth participa
There are very different attitudes to the government arranging much budget for training competitors who are preparing for those world sports games such as Olympic Games or the football World Cup. Although many people bel
There is no denying the fact that children should be made capable of participating at these events as these events are of national importance. Participation at these events provides an opportunity for a country not only
It is widely discussed if the nation should spend expenditure on the competitors for any Olympic Games or spend on those youngsters in order to motivate them to play sports. I partly agree with the viewpoint of giving a
It is common that numerous countries allocate much budget in preparing their athletes to be successful in international sports competitions. There are A to Z alternatives where one of which is focusing on encouraging the
Expenditures on sports are always a debatable thing for the group of society. Few argue that spending expenses on physical games are vital to building strong teams for various sporting events like cricket, and football
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