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Today's law has many wings and sub-wings with full of rules, regulations, clauses vis-a-vis sub-clauses, out which one of them is restrictions about hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Consumption of such drugs is too hazardous to human life so as such were banned for sale or use. In addition to these, other types like tobacco, alchohol also are to be completely refrained from export or import, sale or utilize them.
Usage of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine has been strictly prohibited by various governments, but the same government allows the purchasing of few drugs such as tobacco and alcohol by the people. Rules should be same for all types of drugs, considering tobacco and alcohol. I strongly believe that it has to be applied to all kinds of drugs since it has diverse and harmful effects to the society and individuals.
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International sports events like the Olympics have become very famous through previous decades. Some people are of the opinion that events like of this scale are a huge waste of resources and amount. I tend to agree with this viewpoint completely.
Nowadays, there is a huge problem with drug consumers. A lot of governments don't approve the market of highly addictive and terrible drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, but they permit the selling of other substances that are dangerous for humans, such as alcohol and tobacco.
Smuggling and use of hard drugs are prohibited by law in many countries. However, the other drugs such as alcohol, and Tobacco are provided by the stores legally. Few countries, mostly Moslems, ban the use of all kinds of drugs. The idea of considering all those as a legal offence is growing between legislators. In this essay I will argue that extreme limitations and banding would have many irrecoverable consequences.
In most countries, hard drug consumption is gradually increasing and becoming a style statement in society. Over usage of such drugs has alarmed respective authorities to be stringent and impose regulations on its sale and usage. In my opinion, for the welfare of ,people such laws are needed which covers hard drugs plus other variables such as tobacco and alcohol.
In many countries, hard drugs consumption is increasing significantly. There are laws that prohibit the use of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. But still, tobacco and alcohol are legal, even though they are detrimental to health. These laws should ban all kinds of drugs. In this essay, I will argue why the use of these substances should be restricted.
Most of the interim regimes has implemented legislative terms to prohibit the use of highly harmful drugs .However, licensed dealers are authorized to supply cigarettes and hard liquor in public. Despite the above actions from bureaucrats, there is a growing concern to eradicate the use of soft and hard alcohol.
The government have laws that stop the sale and use of illegal medicine like heroin and cocaine, but there are drugs that people are still allowed to have such as tobacco and alcohol. In my opinion, similar laws to the former should be practised with the latter.
A lot of governments have a code of conduct guiding the eradication of the marketing of drugs like heroin and cocaine,however,they approve of the sale of the other drugs and alcohol. In my view,these laws that are against the use of hard drugs should be for all drugs because they are all harmful and can increase the crime rate.
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There are many rules against the use of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine in many nations. From my own perspective, I believe that the same obligations applied to prohibition and selling of hard drugs should be applied to all drugs without the exception of tobacco and liquor and this essay will discuss this notion.
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