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The number of crimes is soaring in many regions of the world, albeit many efforts of the society. What is worse, there is a significant growth in trend of ex-prisoners who will commit misconduct again after their first imprisonment experience. This essay will discuss some attributes to this dangerous trend before figuring out any feasible solution to it.
In recent times, the rate at which ex-prisoners are commuting crimes, has become alarming, this trend is due to several factors. Therefore, in this essay; the causes of this problem would be looked into and possible ways of solving them would be dwelled on.
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A plethora of criminals who spent some time in jail as a kind of punishment for the first time, might commit more crimes afterwards.This due to several factors such as mixing all prisoners together and sharing some risky stories. This essay aims to explore in further detail the reasons for such an issue and offers some solutions to overcome it before coming to a conclusion.
Crime rate is something that has been increasing constantly over the years. One of the many reasons is, more atrocities being carried out by prisoners after finishing their first punishment. I shall discuss different aspects of this in the following paragraphs.
It is often to say that a large number of criminals commit either the same number of crimes or more once they have served their first sentence. This is the result of the lack of education and rehabilitation plans in jails. This phenomenon could be fixed developing different plans to help approach offenders to adapt to the society once they are released from prison.
There is no doubt that criminals tend to commit more crimes upon serving the first punishment. This is because of the lack of rehabilitation facilities, to incorporate the individuals to lead a normal life. This essay will discuss how the lack of settlement services promote criminal behaviour and also suggest solutions to solve the issue.
Over the years, it has been observed around the world that many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment and several reasons have been adduced to this development.
It is important to consider why a lot of defenders commit more crimes once they have served their first sentence. In this essay, I will explore some of the problems associated with the increasing count of offenders who again get involved in crimes and propose some solutions related to it.
After serving their first sentence, a majority of offenders commit more crimes. This is mainly due to the lack of rehabilitation programs and difficulty in finding a job after getting released from prison. There are a number of solutions that can be implemented to effectively stop offenders from committing a crime again.
As more and more people experience unemployment and hunger, they turn into desperate measures to survive hence the increase in crime rate.
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The crime rates are increasing all over the world. It is found that most of the criminals tend to commit more crimes after completing the first punishment. This essay will try to find the reason of such behaviour and give some possible solutions to take care of this issue.
The crime rates keep increasing all over the world. When analysed it is found that it is due to criminals repeating crimes even after going to prison once. This essay will find out the various reasons for this and give some action plan to comtrol this problem.
It is true that some criminals commit crimes again after they have been punished. While there are several reasons for this alarming trend, some effective measures can be taken by governments to tackle this problem.
Crime, in many countries, has gone beyond the alarming rate. Hence, it is becoming a frequent norm to come across some or the other offence. There are a lot of criminals who tend to re-offend or commit more serious felony, after being punished, primarily because they become resentful towards the society and blame others for their misdemeanour. This way of thinking can be changed if individuals are given the opportunity to live a normal life.
We all have witnessed a substantial increase in the crime rates. It is argued by many that after a punishment is attained by a person for their first crime, there is a tendency that they would increase in performing more crimes. In my essay I will justify the reasons behind this and also the measures that can be taken to tackle this concern.
The spate of crimes in recent times is alarming. There are a large number of first-time convicts perpetrating more crimes as they gain their freedom. While this is mainly because of the lack of rehabilitation and difficulty in finding a gainful employment, there are effective solutions to
It is common for first-time offenders to engage in criminal activities when they return from prison. This could be because of negative socialization and collaboration with hardened criminals and difficulty in getting employed after observing their jail terms.
There is no doubt that the rate of committing the same crime is tremendously increasing nowadays. In this essay, the two main root causes of why repeated crimes are increasing in society and some possible solutions to address the phenomenon will be discussed.
It is observed that many offenders tend to commit more crimes after they are out from jail. Instead of learning from the mistakes and become a better human being, they commit more crimes. Because of the lazy government who doesn’t make any strict laws for criminals, they keep on committing new crimes. This essay will discuss about why this is happening & the possible solutions to tackle this problem.
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There is no doubt the fact that a dramatic rise in crime rate, especially from ex-cons throughout the last decade has become a heated topic of the whole society. The questions arise are what the main causes are and are there any possible solutions to this problem. The following paragraphs will discuss 2 major reasons along with 2 effective measures for this concerning matter.
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