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It is often argued by many that social networking sites have numerous bad impacts on people and society. In my opinion, I do agree that they have had damaging effect on the society. However, I believe it brings positive impact on individuals. This essay will firstly discuss the benefits of social networking sites on individuals and secondly the drawbacks of it on the society.
In recent years,social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter has created detrimental effect on most of the people in entire world.In my opinion,I strongly agree that it makes person less social and isolated so they feel less confident and stressed.
It is considered that thousands of social sites are being used by persons , for instance, Facebook.However, some people feel that such kinds of applications have deteriorate effect on our society ,and individuals.I completely disgree with this statement and, therefore,vaild arguments will be presented in the essay.
The use of social media has become a burning issue these days. Some individuals think that social networking sites such as Facebook have had an adverese effects not only on individuals, but also on society. I completely agree with this, as this have had a damaging effect on peoples lives.
These days, by expanding internet and social networking sites, many people spent their time in such sites and try to use many of their benefits. These social networks make a great opportunity to find new people, expand their business and even entertain them. But as a matter of fact, these sites have disadvantages too, they can affect both citizens and civilization easily. In this essay, we discuss these effects and try to make a suitable conclusion.
Without a doubt, social networking websites have made communication more accessible and convenient to a certain extent. Critics, believe these websites serve a negative influence on individual as well as society. However, I partially agree to this and believe besides negative impact it has also contributed in the development of cognitive skills and have changed the conventional way of thinking.
Social networking sites, for instance Facebook, are thought by some to have had a detrimental effect on individuals as well as society and local communities. However, while I believe that such sites are mainly beneficial to the individual, I agree that they have had a damaging outcome for local communities.
Social networking sites are believed to had a big negative impact on people and society by many people. Although there is already a lot of debate related to this topic, It is still uncertain how this sites will impact the society in the future, as they aren't in our society for too long. Even though it may be early to say, I certainly agree that we can see negative impacts on children and teenagers who are growing along with these technologies.
Technology solutions of interacting with people have a great impact on our daily life. This is debatable view that utilization of online platforms such as Facebook has detrimental effect on a person and a community. I strongly agree with this view as these tools not only detach the population from social gathering but also plays a vital role in spreading negative rumours in the region which results in riots and communalism.
These days networking is expanding very quickly as it helps the people to expand their business and make it useful in various ways where individuals are getting smarter with the technology and having appropriate benefits with the social networking sites, whereas there are few drawbacks which had an adverse consequence on folks and society. In this essay,we will discuss how social sites affect us in a positive way.
Nowadays, it is considered a necessity to stay connected to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc , no matter, one is a teenager or an adult. This has led to some really adverse effects on personal as well as higher levels. I strongly agree with the statement that these sites are posing serious problems to us. Analysing the fact that they consume our energy and time and how they create an imbalance in our lives will certainly prove it.
Social media has a significant effect on our personal as well social life, but some argue that this impact is mostly malignant. However, I disagree with the former statement, and believe that social media plays a positive role because these platforms help both the community and individuals to express themselves and solve their problems collectively.
As technology had progressed enough,it became an inevitable part of our daily routine. A plethora of people , as well as I,tend to believe that such an invention as social media affects both members of society and the whole population in an unbeneficial way. Below I will explore this highly interesting and thought-provoking topic, underlying such factors as deception and bullying.
With the rapid expansion of networking and internet, social media become pivotal part of everyone's life. Some people opine that social sites are detrimental not only for individual person but for socities also. I agree this virtual world causes more harmful impact rather than benefits.
In recent years, use of the social networking sites are cosiderably increasing. Although many people think these sites are affecting society and individulas negatively, others believe these are the best way to communicate. This essay will cover both views and explains why it has more advantages.
In recent years, use of the social networking is considerably increasing. Although many people think these sites are affecting society and individuals negatively, others believe these are the best way to communicate. This essay will cover both views and explains why it has more advantages.
Social networking sites , for instance Facebook , are thought to have caused detrimental impacts on individuals, society & local communities by few people in the society. However, while I believe that these sites are beneficial for the individuals, I agree that they have had a damaging effect on the culture of local communities.
Many social networking platforms are getting popular day by day. However, it is commonly argued that they are negatively impacting our society and citizens. I completely agree with this statement and think that these online communication sites are a major source of distraction for people and also, influencing their health badly.
In the years following the introduction of Facebook, there have been many changes in our society and community, some good and some bad. In my view, I believe that while there have been some negative impacts from social networking sites, the positives far outweigh the negative impacts.
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