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Many people claim that when there is a satisfying circumstance, the best approach is to accept it, while others feel that trying to make it better is preferable. In my perspective, although accepting your situation in life may be pragmatic in some cases, it is still better to at least make an attempt to overcome the negatives maybe it will become a better solution.
It is often argued that some individuals prefer accepting an unpleasant situation including unsatisfied work or wealth severe whereas others believe that trying and improving the situation is the ultimate way to deal with an uncomfortable circumstance. Although it may be good to accept it truly, I strongly believe trying to make things better and improving our situation in many ways is the best decision to make.
In today's world it has seen lots of people challenging themselves to go out of their comfort zone. However, others prefer accepting difficult situations such as working with low salaries or being unsatisfied with their occupation. in this essay I will discuss both views and give my own opinion.
Many folks think that accepting unsatisfying situation is better, whereas others believe that trying to overcome the situation is the best solution. In my opinion, people should fight to rise from the problems in their lives.
Several people trust that bad position is better to accept.This can be with lack of money or unsatisfying with the job. Few argue that improving those positions is profitable for them. I think people should accept it first then they might look for a job that will matter. Some idea relates to the money issue.
Selfbelief is an important virtue anyone can posses and which also makes person think in difficult instances and moreover it helps people to get to depth of the problem and find solution for the same. Hence my essay going forward will narrate about how one accepts the situations and does nothing while the others tries to get in detail and looks for the solution.
All over the world, there has been a distinct way of life of population and mindset to adapt when they have to facing the problems. Some citizens admire that whatever happen in their life, they must understand in these conditions such as unpleasant tasks and financial problems. On the other hand, people who has the contrast notions in unhappy situation believe the suitable ways are adaptation and finding out the ways to develop them. There are more benefit in improving a situation rather than accepting easier.
people have been facing harsh circumstances entire our life. Few intellectuals believe that they should try to be willing with those like when are not happy with their careers or even incomes while the others think that one adapts a lucrative approach to modify the existing situation by hard work. I think that both perspectives are true but need regulation.
Many people are stuck in unpleasant situations that would decide to accept the circumstances for the rest of their life or attempt to change those and improve their life. In my idea, life is a gift for human beings that we should try to achieve our goals and feel happy instead of being stuck in a terrible situation without any try to boost it.
In general, choosing between two positions could be difficult, hence, a person may select an unsuitable choice instead of having some challenge to achieve the best he can. At first, this essay is going to analyze both angles, then I suggest my own belief.
Well, ever people on earth is running for job and money where a good amount of people argue that we should accept if we are doing an unsatisfactory job and getting low payroll while others consider that we should not accept this circumstance and try our best to come out from this situation. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument in detail and give my own opinion on it.
Nowadays, while many people are stuck in unpleasant situations such as terrible working environment or lack of money for livings, others always try their best to attain a better life quality. There are many reasons that lead to these opposite decisions, which shall be discussed in this essay.
The Human being goes through several bad circumstances in their lifetime. While, there are some people who head down in front of their worse situation, yet, others do not want to compromise. In ,the forthcoming passage, I will articulate both sides of this statement and also give my point of view.
Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money whereas some of them claim that it is better to try and improve such situations. Eventhough by accepting a such bad situation doesn’t leads t
Difficult circumstances can occur every day. Certain people think that accepting a difficult condition in our life is better than trying to enhance that condition, for example joyless job or lack of money. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in detail and provide evidence as to why attempting to improve the situation is better.
Everytime there are some people that have several peroblems in their life, such as low income and financial problems. there is and argument that they should accept their tough situations or attepmt to ipmrove their life expactancy. In my idea, both viewpoints have demerits and merits impact that need connsideration and adults should be awared about its consequnces.
Some would say that embracing issues like unhappiness at work or financial problems, is better than trying to mitigate such conditions. Despite the fact that hoping things to alleviate themselves would seem appropriate for several people, in this essay I shall attempt to argue that individuals need to act decidedly to get difficulties over with in life.
Dissatisfied jobs and scarcity of money is becoming increasingly common.Some people opine that it is better to accept the situation as it is while others think that such situations can be avoided by the sheer amount of hard work in the same direction to improve them. In this essay, I intend to delve into both views and provide my opinion.
In the global era, where everyone wants to lead a luxurious life with all comforts of life and better future for their families also has to make compromises several times in their life . I will discuss both the views and give my opinion.
People have different views about whether we should accept bad situations happening during our lifetime. Some believe that we cannot do anything better than just adapting to the whole situation, others argue that we have to find ways to get out of such ba
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