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It is debatable whether the life in an urban area or a rural area is more advantageous for a child. As both the areas have their own pros and cons, in this essay, we will further discuss this issue related to the growth of a child.
It is debatable that better style of upbringing of kids is in urban areas or in rural areas. In this essay I will delve of benefits and drawbacks in the following paragraphs.
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Nowadays,there are a variety of controversial opinions for choosing the best accommodation in terms of nurturing children. It is sometimes argued that living in the urban areas is more appropriate compared to suburban areas.In contrast, others prefer to choose rural areas as the more proper choice. There are several benefits and drawbacks are going to be mentioned in this essay.
Some people think it is better for children to grown up in the city, while others think that life in the countryside is more suitable for them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both places?
Living in the rural area is thought as the best option for children by a group of people, while others believe that cities provide more opportunities. In my opinion, if the urban area offers security and green areas, I agree it is a better place to raise the next generation enjoying some advantages from both sides.
It is true that kids born and brought up in the urban areas have more exposure to each and every aspect of existence. However, some people are discussing that kids born and brought up in remote, live a happy and healthier life. In this essay, I will elaborate advantages and disadvantages of both sides.
Living in a rural area for children is considered as the best option by a group of people, while other believes in children’s overall development, city life provides the best opportunities overall. In my opinion, a city designed with a touch of the nature and more open space is the best place to raise the next generation.
There is mixed opinion about whether to grow up kids in cities or at countryside, this essay discusses benefits and drawbacks of both the aspects. However, cities have some more drawbacks than countryside which will be discussed in this essay.
Some people believe that living in the cities much more better than life in urban areas, however other part of people do not support this idea and think that, countryside is best choice. Personally, I partly agree with this opinions and I am on the view that each of them unique in their own way. In this essay I will explore my ideas with reasons and examples before coming to a conclusion.
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Certain people believe that children should be raised in rural areas where they can learn to live the standard quality of life that would be more befitting than the city. Whereas, other people have thought that the next generation should germinate to improve the standards of lives in urban areas. In my opinion, Both places have positive and negative impacts to grow up in these areas.
One’s childhood has a great impact later in her life. The place where they grew up has an important effect on their personality and behaviour. Usually children from urban areas are surrounded by more danger, but have better social abilities, whereas those from rural areas may suffer with communicating, but spend their time in more clean and safe environment.
Certainly a place of early childhood has a huge impact in the long run. It is generally believed that children, who grew up in cities are more independent and adaptable to busy lifestyle. Nevertheless, due to higher pollution rate in urban areas, they might have had more health problems comparing to those who spend their childhood in countryside. Although, the latter location is far from everything, I still believe that country side is a great place to raise children.
In this essay author’s argue that, children who are grow up in metropolitan cities have more opportunities in carrier growth; furthermore, they can develop ideas and giving an opinion more rationally.Urban areas are growing rapid pace in all over the world, therefore it’s a very wise decision for parents to a raise a child in a city. In this essay, I firmly agree with the author.
There are many parents who reckon it is good for kids to mature in the city, while there are others who reckon that living in the surroundings is more useful for them. This essay will discuss the pros and cons of both locations.
It is true that news plays an important role in awareness in our community .A segment of society believes prefer to read, watch or listen to national news. However, other opinions that believe in updating themselves with international news.l would like to discuss both view and preference in the upcoming paragraph.
A child's youth is something that they need to experience in its entirety. Some people may argue that this can be achieved by them living in the cities, whilst others believe it can be done by them living in the countryside. However, both have their pros and cons which shall be explained in the course of this essay.
It is a debatable issue whether which place is better for children to live as city or countryside. Although living in a developing area has countless benefits, I think that if juvenile grows in outsides area then it would be more suitable for them.
Living in the provincial territory is thought as the most ideal choice for youngsters by a gathering of individuals, while others accept that urban communities offer more freedoms. As I would see it, if the city offers security and green territories, I concur it is a superior spot to raise the cutting edge appreciating a few benefits from the two sides.
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Nowadays due to urbanization more and more families are moving from the suburbs to the city , therefore, some are arguing that children will have better upbringing in the countryside,while others disagree with them. In this essay I will be discussing both the pros and the cons of children growing up on the ruler side or the city .
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