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Our social full – aspect vigorous development and people life needs appear all at once . Nowaday , the people demanding about servicing is indeed setting up a strong system with prosperity . For ages , money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively . Earning potential has a enormous influence to human . So , the crimes which were caused by poverty , is increasing significant . Whether or not poverty is the reason behind all crimes ? To me , I disagree with this opinion . According most of criminal psychology survey , many bio – researcher , Psychologist have made a conclusion that : the main reason of crimes are psychology shocks . Therefore , in my opinion , education and environment are the prerequisite for an individual . In my opinion, firstly, lack of education is the main explanation for most crimes. People who are provided with an educational program know how to behave in the right way. Thus, people who drop out of school will do not know how to act politely with others. Furthermore, on account of this, they hardly find any jobs let alone a well-paid job. The second reason that can mention is the parents. Parents have a great enormous impact on their children so if they do not have good manner, their children won’t be able to become good citizens for society. In addition, bad characteristics such as laziness and selfishness could also build up many offenders. It is widely known that a number of youngsters choose to steal from other people instead of earning money on their own.
In my opinion, there is some other way to commit a crime except of indigence between people. However, I agree with idea of poverty so it is one of the important factor to criminality.
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Everybody knows that poverty is the reason why poor people prefer some decisions and behaviour to another. But does misery appears to be the key to increasing the criminal level or here is must be something else that makes a society unhappy with their life standard? Let's get into this topic and think about it more.
An increased crime rate in both the developing and the developed countries raises a question about the underlying causes. It is often thought by many that the destitution is the driving force, while others do not agree. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the former viewpoint, and I will discuss, in this essay, two main reasons to support my opinion.
i dont entirely agree that poverty is the reason for every crime. but according to me it has got a major role to play.
The latest trends show that more and more poor people are getting trapped in the vicious circle of crime. For this reason, some believe that poverty is the motivation behind this indulgence. I agree with this view. However, I do believe that factors, such as lack of education, drug addictions etc., are equally important.
Many people believe that poverty is responsible for most of the illegal activities. There are many different types of crimes and I feel this statement is true for some of them while false for the others. Let me go into details in this essay about which parts I agree with and which I don't.
It is considered that the poverty is the main reason, which has forced the people to do the felony. This essay will agree with this notion and give an opinion, why misconduct is related to the poverty.
Many people believe that poverty is the primary reason behind most illegal actions. While I agree that the hardship is the contributing factor to criminal activities, crimes are also closely tied with a few other underlying environmental factors.
Poverty is one of the main reasons for all miseries. Many governments are trying hard to abolish poverty in their countries. International organisations are working hard to help the poor people. A lot of people argue that poverty is the main reason behind most crimes and I strongly agree with their arguments.
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In today's world most of the prisons are getting fully accommodated by prisoners who have a poor background. Some people have a thought lack of income sources is the reason behind most offences. I accord with the notion and in the upcoming paragraph I will elaborate two reasons to support my viewpoint.
Undoubtedly, The graph of criminal activities has been rising from past few decades due to incline in figures of the poverty line in the economy. I completely agree with this statement. This essay shall intend to delve my point of view in the following paragraphs.
The crime rate is one of the undeniable factors that is bothering most countries across the world. Some people think that poor economical conditions are the reasons behind these crimes. Although, there are several other reasons for the rise in crime rate, I agree with the statement as poverty is the important reason for the uptrend in criminal activities. This essay will throw some light on the factors that are influencing the people to do crimes.
It is thought that impoverishment is one of the most important reasons that leads to taking part in criminal activities. While I accept that criminals are likely to break the law because of destitution. I also believe that the reason for rising crimes is a lack of parental guidance.
Nowadays as the world population is increasing, poverty is developing more and more. Some people argue that the shortage is the reason behind most crimes. I partially agree with this statement for several reasons.
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