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With the economy's development, there are more and more vehicles in traffic. Prosperous traffic makes travelling more convenient, but on the other hand, there are also many terrible traffic accidents. Some people think strict punishments for driving offen
Nowadays even there are numerous technological properties on autos, car crashes continue to occur. On one hand there are reasons of accidents such as people's passion on speed and misconfigured traffic circumstances. On the other hand, there are simple solutions to figure them out, like tight monitoring of the traffic to be able to detect the ones who break rules, and improving traffic environment by following correct procedures.
Road accidents are a big concern for most of the countries. Some people believe that traffic accidents can be minimised by giving hard punishments. However, others favour that preventive measures should be taken to reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. This essay will cover both the aspects and give reasons why punishing the culprits will lead to better results.
Some individuals opine that there should be a harsh penalization for the drivers who disobey the traffic rules, on the contrary, another group of people have a view that other should be adopted to cope up with this situation, I agree with the former statement up to some extent whereas, In my opinion, the combination of both the ideas should be implemented to ensure better road safety.
Mishaps and dangerous accidents have been increasing all over the world. While some people argue that traffic offenders should be punshid severly other believe that increase in safety measures on road should be the priority. This essay explains the divide in opinion amongst people on the topic of curbing accidents
In order to decrease the number of road accidents, it is believed by some people that severe punishments for offending drivers are the solution. On the other hand, others argue that better methods exist to solve this issue. While both views hold true, I believe that drivers who offend must receive strict punishments.
Nowadays, there have been ongoing debate about the decresing the traffic accedents. While it is believe byt some that government should enforced strict law to recude it, I argue that there is a plethora of other way to increase road safety.
In this day and age, more and more contemporary attention has been placed on that some people have different views about how to make the road safer. In my view, both the punishments and other range of means can be applied into the practices to alleviate the negative driving habits.
Road accidents take the lives of many drivers and pedestrians every year. Some argue that the best way to reduce them is to have severe penalties for offending traffic regulations, while others think other solutions may work better. I think, although such punishments are helpful, other measures should be taken alongside them.
Traffic rules are to be followed strictly otherwise accidents will happen and precious lives will be lost. Traffic accidents can be reduced by applying strict punishments for each violation. When there are strict punishments people avoid violating any traffic rules which result in reduced traffic accidents. Its human nature to not to do such things which result in punishment.
It is considered by some that the amount of accidents occurred could be suppressed by strict and hard punishments, while there are others who believe there are several more alternatives to improve passengers' safety. In my opinion, I believe strict laws reinforcements are essential to prevent more bad behavioural drivers, while encouraged citizens to use more public transports is better in upgrading peoples safety on the streets.
According to some people, traffic tickets are the best way to decreasing traffic accidents, while others claim that different steps should be taken to provide traffic safety. From my point of view, traffic fines are essential to provide safety. However, I also believe that other measures should be taken. This essay will examine both views about road safety with relevant examples.
There are split opinion regarding, the way to handle the traffic accidents. In this context, some people believe that to mitigate the mishappenings on the Road, punishment to drivers is a good exercise tackle this problem, whereas some other group of believers things that otherwise may be used to solve this problem. However, both have its pros and cons full stop there for before commenting on my decision, both the opinion would be discussed.
People have different views with regard to the question of how making our roads safer . In my view ,both punishments and a range of other measures can be used together to promote better driving habits.
People have different views on how best to decrease the amount road traffic accidents. While some argue that strict punishments should be adopted, I believe that there are more effective ways to tackle this issue.
People have different views about efficient ways of diminishing traffic accidents. Although there are good arguments in favour of strong punishments for offensive drivers, I also belive that there are other measurements available to take to surpass road safety.
According to some punishing drivers who do not comply with the road regulations strictly is thought to be a sufficiently effective way of decreasing the number of accidents on the road. However, one group of people including me rest on the belief that we still have several reasonably helpful ways to enhance correct road safety procedures as opposed to severe punishment.
People have differing views with regard to the question of how making our roads safer. Some people believe that strict punishments for driving offences are the key to reducing traffic accidents, while others think that other measures would be more effective for reducing traffic accidents. In my view, both punishments and a range of other measures can be used together to promote better driving habits.
The road casualty has become a major issue in this busy world. Every day the news of hazard can be seen is social media. While some people believe that government should abide strict rules for the drivers who break the rules, but other people opine that there are still other ways to minimize such incident. However i agree with the both statements. This essay will explain the reasons below.
Traffic accidents have increased in recent days. It's a debatable issue nowadays that violators should be punished strictly with laws, rather than concealing them. This essay will discuss both the views and my perspective.
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