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The amount of money spent on art is a hotly debated topic that often divides. Some people think it is wasteful for government to use money on the arts.
Some people believe that the authorities are spending a lot of money on the arts and that this budget might be invested more effectively in other fields. In this essay, however, I will challenge this school of thought.
The high authorities spend huge amount of capital on the arts rather than spending money on rising issues such as, poverty, global crisies and increasing crime rate. According to my opinion government should give more im
Many people believe that financial resources should be allocated to pressing issues rather than to the arts. The writer contends that striking a balance between two decisions is vital as it ensures both can benefit socie
There is an ongoing debate regarding arts. Some individuals believe that the constitution is wasting a lot of money on arts and that money would be used at different areas. In my opinion, I agree with this view to a lar
Some people claim that the government funds should not be wasted on arts, instead, the money can be used in other important things. I agree with this statement because the government officials can use the money in solvin
It is an irrefutable fact that the authorities allocate the funds equally to all sectors to ameliorate public services. Nevertheless, some individuals claim that instead of spending valuable money on art, the regime shou
Nowadays, more and more governments spend money on the arts. A numer of people believe this is wasting money while others believe governments should use money for other important public issues. In my opinion, I partially
In our contemporary society, some public are of the view that the government is wasting money on the arts and that these fundings could be better spent in other aspects. I support this statement and will discuss the reas
One of the governments’ splurges is installing some art, which makes some people, especially the citizens, argue that the money should be spent on something more useful. I, hereby, agree with those who feel that way as t
Government has a widerange of responsibility in order to create a better life for the people. One of their duties is to regulate state finances based on each sectors. Many sectors in the state need to be arranged precise
Arts are a window to reflect the heritage and prosperity of people in that country. However, there is an ongoing contention regarding the allocation of the government budget to the arts. While some conceive that investin
Most of the people believe that the government is misuse their money for arts and it could be usedfor other crusial needs for every person. I personally disagree wih that statement because of art is one of the best way t
Spending on government's money on art is considered a waste so according to some there could be other alternatives to spend money on. In my opinion, I agree that authorities ought to spend more on other valuable sectors
Undoubtedly, a country's advancement depends entirely on where and how the capital budget is spent. In this epoch of technology, emphasising arts rather than education and well-being may not be a reliable approach to dev
The debate over whether state funds should support the arts has persisted for years. While some argue that such resources might be better utilized elsewhere, I contend that government investment in the arts is indispensa
The arts represent an important cultural facet of the country and community, and as such I strongly believe that time-tested forms of art should be subsidized and conserved. However, as far as modern art is concerned, it
There has been an increasing number of spending taxes on modern and historical arts by the government, while others disagree and feel that the use of taxes should be prioritised for the unfortunate people who suffer from
These days, most companies require some important things to develop them. It means that it is applying some personal data to everyone to get a specific job ,for example, who is married or single, also their hobbies
A government has to manage the finance of the country it is called to lead, investing money to the exclusive interest of its habitants.
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