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Some people use social media to keep in touch with other people and news events. Do you think the advantages of this technology outweigh the disadvantages?
Social media has become a very essential part of the community's daily lives and the dependency on the same has increased drastically over the last decade. The purpose of using social publishing might be different for di
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Social media is new method to stay in touch with others and events. Using social network on the internet has brought a significant noumber of opportunities for every one and the puls points of these new connection ways o
Nowadays technology is becoming more and more useful to youth. However, a certain number of people tend to utilize social media for conversations with others and use for crucial news around the world. I believe that its
Recently, social media has taken over several aspects of human life and it gives them a chance to be connected with their friends and relatives and it helps them to be in the circulation of news. This part of technology
There is no denying the fact that the main purpose of social media is debatable. Some communities argue that social network may help in keeping societies in contact and update them with the new informations. In the forth
Nowadays, technology is all over the world and people became addicted to social media and use it on a daily basis. However, In this essay, I will illustrate the pros and cons of social media, thus, describing my point of
Whether social media has more advantages or drawbacks has always been a heated discussion.Social applications has been popular these years, as with people's dependence on smart phones, ipads as well as laptops.Users in n
Whether social media has more advatages or drawbacks has always been a heated discussion.Social applicaitons has been popular these years, as with people's dependence with smart phones, ipad as well as laptop.Users in no
Many individuals in the world have advanced technical knowledge. In which mostly social platforms are highly busy with individual contact with family and friends and knowing current affairs. I would accept and stick to
nowadays, many people rely on social media platform to stay connected with thier loved ones and to get to know about current affairs, in my opinion it has certain cons like the lack of social interaction and innappropria
Advent of technology has prompt communication accessible. As many say that that social media is the best way to access their loved ones, this essay is of the view that the cons outweighs the pros.
In recent days, social media has become one of the important platform to get news at glance and remain connected with friends and peers. Various Pros and cons are associated with it. However, I believe that there are mor
Nowadays, tracking news events and socializing with others through social media has become a norm. In my opinion, there are more advantages than disadvantages of applying technology.
Due to the advent of technology,the internet has been made available to the public at ease. Many people of society get themselves updated with the lives of their family and friends and also with the latest news through s
In the recent era, technology advancement has provided human with a gift of social media.Various group of individuals prefers to communicate with other people via social apps, likewise they get the update regarding the n
Social networking sites, used by people to be connected with their friends, families and get updated with daily news. In my opinion, I consider that social media brought people considerably closer and digitally connected
Nowadays, social media is increasingly popular among people. Though it keeps you in contact with different people and gives you the latest updates it makes your personal information prone to more risks and threats. In my
A certain number of people use social platform to stay connected to individuals, reports and events. I believe that the benefit of social networking outweighs the risk because it provides easy access to extensive informa
Some people use social networking sites for regularly updating themselves with current news and for keeping in touch with friends and family. In my opinion, using social media brings more disadvantages compared to any be
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