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These days, the number of various animal species are decreasing. Some species are nearly endangered. and others are also in the same situation. This essay will discuss the major roots of this problem and some practical solutions.
These days, the extinction of some species is becoming significant. While many creatures seem to be approaching similar risks. There are numerous reasons behind this situation. In the essay, I will analyse these problems and include some solutions.
In recent years, much scientific research illustrates that many species are disappearing, and some scientists even point out that it is a threat to the earth. Then, why does it happen? And how can we resolve the problem? In the following, I will present my view and recommendations.
Over the years, some types of wildlife are on the verge of becoming depleted while others are almost dying out. The two major causes for this trend are overexploitation of their natural habitats and illegal hunting. However, technology and regulations are possible solutions to this problem.
Nowadays the extinction of some animal species is a worldwide problem and it has been growing fast for some time, some of them don't exist anymore because of global warming and hunting animals for fun. However, choosing eco-friendly standards and new li
Nowadays there was a risk of animal extinction in many species and this concern seems to be found in other species. This essay will examine the reason and provide suggestions to solve this issue.
The world has turned into a dangerous place for may species of creatures and due to a number of reasons they encounter risks which cause extinction of their exists. The reasons why they come across danger of dissappearing depend on different situations. I
In recent times, there are many animals that are endangered. Most of them are caused by humans that are irresponsible for nature. In my view, this is a critical issue and prevention acts should be instated immediately. There are several solutions that can
These days, and more than ever, many animals are in danger of going extinct. This is a major problem not just for the animals but can also affect the ecosystem and result in even more extinction events. There are many reasons why this is happening, Howev
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