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The bar chart supplied illustrates the percentage of male and female staff members in the university's major (arts, business, education, engineering, law, medicine and science) in 2012.
The bar graph compares the proportion of several majors in a university in 2012 for male and female academic staff members, and these majors are: arts, business, education, engineering, law, medicine and science.
The bar chart illustrates the proportion of male and female staff who work in a major university by different sectors in 2012. Overall, while there are more female staff specialized in education, it is interesting that engineering is the most common fiel
The graph demonstrates the portion in gender of academic staff in 7 faculties of a specific university in 2012. In general, in most faculties, the percentage of female staff is higher than the one of male staff.
The bar graphs compare the academic working force in different faculties of an educational facility in 2012. Overall, it can be seen that both sexes have different interests depending on the subjects given in each department.
The bar chart illustrates the proportion of employees by their sex for various fields of the university in the specific year. Overall, we can see from the graph that the biggest difference in the percentage of men and women members is in the engineering w
The bar chart compares the porprotion of female and male academic members across faculties in university and divided into 7 majors: arts, business, education, engineering, law, medicine, and science in 2012.
The graph shows the proportion of females and males working in different faculties of a renowned university in 2021. Overall, it can be seen that the faculty of engineering mostly hired male staff while the highest proportion of female employees was of th
The bar graph indicates how many people were part of the academic staff in the faculties of a major university in 2012, with a further classification by gender. As illustrated by the graph, the percentage of male academic staff members was significantly h
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